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(ended 1958)





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  • George Reeve's Superman is a great authority figure

    I was a youngster in the 1950s (well, *very* little; being born late 1954), and consider George Reeves to be the de facto Superman. Though my own father has always been in my life, George as Superman was somehow some kind of father figure to me. Both George's Clark Kent and Superman give a clear difference between right and wrong; something that is so lacking in much of today's youth upbringing

    I'm sure thousands of us fans borrowed our sisters' tights and wore them underneath our underpants, with a bath-towel cape pinned to a shirt with a crude S painted on a piece of paper also pinned to the shirt, but wouldn't venture into the view of anyone else...after all, we were wearing our underwear *outside* our clothes!...but, I digress.

    Now that for Christmas I've received the set of The Adventures of Superman Season One DVDs, I have a renewed interest in this series, and look foreward to seeing all 104 episodes, uncut. I, in particular, love to watch the production qualities (or lack thereof!), such as seeing the dialog microphone's shadow, or Jimmy's shadow on the painted backdrop behind his aunt's house on Moose Island, or the Daily Planet's janitor's broom handle make a small dent in the fabric of Kent's office's walls. I'm from the Los Angeles area where many exterior sequences were filmed, and love to see if I can spot familiar landmarks.

    We're watching the episodes a few a time--we must pace ourselves!--starting of course with Superman On Earth. (Interesting that it, the premiere episode, was among the *last* First Season Shows shot!

    Though George and many of the series' cast members and producers have passed away, the series and its message will live on through DVDs, TV reruns and the internet.