Adventures of Superman

(ended 1958)





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  • A classic and resourceful entry in early action television.

    "The Adventures of Superman" was an exciting series chronicling the exploits of the man of steel that stands the test of time and has been syndicated for decades, perhaps as timeless as "I Love Lucy" itself.

    I was always impressed that the series managed to make the most of the character given the lack of special effects technology that was possible or affordable at the time. Season 1 was particularly strong with classic mystery elements and a darker tone, as well as featuring the excellent Phyllis Coates starring as Lois Lane. "The Case of the Talkative Dummy" still creeps me out. As the series progressed, it became more light-hearted and sometimes comedic and I think that some of the later episodes are not as strong, though the excellent "Panic in the Sky" is just one example of a good story after Season 1. By the end, the Noel Neill Lois, a more comedic Jimmy Olsen and the stylized Professor Pepperwinkle (who like Inspector Henderson became so well-known that he were introduced into the comics in the 1970s) lent a somewhat sillier tone to the series. At the same time, George Reeves remained a big hero with a twinkle in his eye and showing a nicely-acted Clark Kent.

    In many ways, this was a series more about Clark than Superman, and Reeves brings it all off with a knowing wink.