Adventures of Superman

(ended 1958)





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  • George Reeves-Superman Phyllis Coates-Lois Lane (season 1) Noel Neill-Lois Lane (season 2-6) John Hamilton-Perry White Jack Larson-Jimmy Olsen

    This was the first televised series of the "Man of Steel". The radio series ended and the producer Robert Maxwell decided to move Superman to the small screen. The first season under Maxwell, were mini gangster movies, but instead of cops, or the F.B.I,catching the criminals, Superman would catch them. This seems like a great show for the adults, but Kellogg's thought the show was too violent for their target audience, children.

    Season two brought a new producer, Whitney Ellsworth, who toned down the violence, and made Superman less of a vigilante, and made this show a little more family friendly. Superman now has somewhat a sense of humor, and the adventures now have some science fiction story lines to them.

    Seasons three through six also brought something special to them: they were filmed in color, which no one really saw until the 1970's. Whitney Ellsworth was ahead of his time with that move. If the show was not filmed in color, I personally believe it would not have lasted this long. All seasons are wonderful to watch, the colored ones along with the black and white ones.