Adventures of Superman

(ended 1958)





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  • No amount of Kryptonite can destroy this series!

    Back in the days when there were no color TV's, no cell phones, no microwaves ovens, no computers (hey! how did we survive without all that???), there actually was a television show with believable plots (in a science-fictiony way!), good (if hammy!) acting, and, just a tad violent (bullets shown bouncing off Superman's chest), and even a bit frightening ("Superman and the Mole Men"), but was a wonderful, family-friendly, show!

    Though there were some scares over very few kids in bedsheets-turned-capes, allegedly leaping off balconies, thinking they were Superman, the majority of us knew what was real and what wasn't. I guess we 50's kids were smarter than today's kids who imitate, to disastrous effect, the faux-wrestlers on today's TV. George Reeves, a smoker, was so concerned about the character he protrayed, that he never smoked in front of children or fans! That's class!

    On a personal note, one of my uncles bore a striking resemblance to George (Superman) Reeves, and, being just a kid, back then, I considered it my duty never to reveal his secret identity! (still haven't!)

    Given a choice between our modern technology and sociological environment, with its ultra-violent, gross, potty-mouthed, near-pornographic, TV shows, parading as entertainment for the masses, as opposed to returning to a simpler, more serene time of black and white TV's and enjoying good television programs with the family, I'd pick the latter every time!

    Take me away, Superman!