Adventures of Superman

Season 2 Episode 6

The Defeat of Superman

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Oct 24, 1953 on
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Episode Summary

Happy King, a vengeful crook, discovers Kryptonite, the one substance that can harm Superman.

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  • A Exciting Epsiode

    For once Superman has been almost defeated by a crook. A crook who hates Superman actually discovers Kryptonite. In the search for the crook,he has the kryptonite finished and ready. In order to get to Superman,Lois & Jimmy get kidnapped. The interesting thing about the plot was how Superman was gonna be needed to be saved by Lois & Jimmy. Superman does find Lois & Jimmy but the crooks drop the Kryptonite in the room. Its weird cause he trys to knock the door down. He cant cause of kryptonite. I liked how after he gets weak,Lois & Jimmy try to get rid of the Kryptonite. In the end after putting in some led Superman bust the door down and gets rid of it. Then bust the crooks and saves the day again. With some help that is. A good epsiode.moreless
Peter Mamakos

Peter Mamakos

Happy King

Guest Star

Sid Tomack

Sid Tomack


Guest Star

Maurice Cass

Maurice Cass


Guest Star

Noel Neill

Noel Neill

Lois Lane

Recurring Role

Jack Larson

Jack Larson

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Perry White

Recurring Role

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    • (Talking to Mr King and Ruffles)
      Meldini: Gentlemen, I've done it. No other scientist in the world could have created that. The only substance that can destroy Superman. Synthetic kryptonite.

    • Lois: Well, I'd like to get your story now, Mr King.
      Jimmy: Maybe later would be better, Miss Lane.
      Lois: Well, of course, if you're busy.
      Ruffles: Ah... Just a second. Boss, this dame is practically Superman's girlfriend.
      Lois: I am not.
      King: When I get through with Superman, he'll be nobody's boyfriend.

    • Clark: Lois, I'm glad you got the story and glad you didn't write anything in it about the effect of kryptonite on Superman.
      Jimmy: That's one thing I'm never gonna tell anybody.
      Lois: That's too dangerous a thing for anyone else to know. Even if there isn't anymore kryptonite in the world.
      Jimmy: Isn't it funny? To think Superman actually has a weakness. It makes him seem almost human. For once we had to save him.

    • Stoddard: Nice work, Kent. But we've got news for you. We're pulling out of Metropolis. It's too hot here. Want to come with us?

      Clark Kent: What about them (Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen)?

      Stoddard: We think they should be, shall we say eliminated. Any objections, Kent?

      Clark Kent: Objections? Why no of course not. As a matter of fact I resent having to look at them. They remind me of the Newspaper, and my getting fired, and Perry White. I don't want any part of them.

      Stoddard: That fits then, cause there's one more proof I want from you.

      Clark Kent: What's that?

      Stoddard: You're elected to get rid of them. And this time Curtis will go with you.

      Jimmy Olsen: He's crazy, Mr. Kent. You're not gonna do anything like that. Are you?

      Clark Kent: Why not?! In the racket it's dog-eat-dog isn't it? Now C'mon!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode marked the first of three unrelated appearances from Peter Mamakos.

      This episode marked the second of five unrelated appearances from Sid Tomack.

      This episode marked the second of two unrelated appearances from Maurice Cass.


    • INCONSISTENCY-unlike the movie with Christopher Reeve, the television series never recognized the fact that Superman was from Krypton in such a way that would be known to Sarah and Eben Kent. As far as they know, he just came from outer space as a baby. With that being the case, how would Superman or any criminal know what Kryptonite was or that it even had an effect on him.

    • Superman displays a different but impressive super power other than his X-ray or heat vision. He can read torn-up notes with super concentration. When Clark Kent reads the torn up note from Happy King, Clark's (Superman's) P.O.V. shows the torn up note reassembling back together as he reads aloud the note that Lois Lane tore up.