Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 13

The Stolen Costume

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Dec 12, 1952 on
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Episode Summary

A thief steals Clark's Superman costume and tries to sell it. Clark uses a clever trick to get it back.

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  • A Plain Episode

    This is been one of the epsiode i bearly like. Two reasons. One the episode was not very good as it was just Clark and no side characters. Another reason was the quality of this episode on the dvd is really bad and just doesnt look as good as the others do. The story in this episode was just Superman losing his suit and had to get it back and thats all. Nothing really happened as Clark had to search for it and ends up finding it. He got it back by getting a call from the people who ended up with it. Then they died after he took it back by putting them on a cliff. Which they fell down and died trying to escape which was the point since they knew who Superman was. Which was kinda odd if u think about it.I dislike this episode mainly cause of the bad plot. Plus being in bad quality didnt help it.moreless
  • How do you keep crooks quiet, when you can't trust them or kill them?

    The tension is high as Superman's secret identity is revealed to a couple of low-life criminals. To make matters worse, all of Clark's friends have deserted him. Perry, Lois, Jimmy, Bill Henderson: there's not a sign of them anywhere. All Clark has is an old detective buddy named Candy, and he can't even tell him that the item they're looking for is the most famous costume in the world.

    Of course, Clark's biggest problem is what to do with the crooks once he finds them. How do you keep bad guys quiet, when you can't trust them and you can't kill them? Well, he could kiss their memories away, as he did with Lois in Superman II, but nobody would have ever tuned in again. Wait a minute: leave them on a precarious, icy slope and tell them not to climb down. Now there's a solution for you.

    This episode is great, because it makes Superman vulnerable without messing around with his vaunted invincibility. We have no doubts that he'll recover his costume and preserve his secret, but we're compelled to stick around to find out how.

    The big question is, whatever happened to Candy? Maybe he saw too much and wound up climbing down that mountain too.moreless
Norman Budd

Norman Budd


Guest Star

Frank Jenks

Frank Jenks


Guest Star

Veda Ann Borg

Veda Ann Borg


Guest Star

Jack Larson

Jack Larson

Jimmy Olsen

Recurring Role

John Hamilton

John Hamilton

Perry White

Recurring Role

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    • This episode marked the first of two unrelated appearances from Frank Jenks.

      This episode marked the only appearance from Norman Budd.
      This episode marked the only appearance from Robert Williams.
      This episode marked the only appearance from Veda Ann Borg.

      This episode marked the second of three unrelated appearances from Dan Seymour.


    • Private eye Candy Meyers was a semiregular character on the Superman radio series from 1944 on ; this episode is to date his only video appearance.

    • This episode is based on the radio story "The Mystery of the Stolen Costume", originally airing from March 10 through April 1, 1948, then remade in half hour form as "Dead Men Tell No Tales" on January 21, 1950, and again under the original title on January 16, 1951. In the first radio version the detective role was not Candy Meyers but Batman (who on the radio show was the only person to know Superman's secret identity.) Using Candy Meyers and the final fate of the blackmailing couple came in the "Dead Men Tell No Tales" version.

    • Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane), Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen), and John Hamilton (Perry White) are not present in this episode.