Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 25

The Unknown People (1)

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Dec 18, 1951 on
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Investigating the world's deepest oil well, Clark and Lois find that it dug into a world in the center of the earth.

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  • The Unknown People is actually the 1951 motion picture Superman and the Mole Men. This movie was cut in half for the final two episodes of season one, of the Adventures of Superman.moreless

    The episode begins with a scene in a small town, and a sign reading:

    Welcome to Silsby, The home of the deepest oil well. Population 1430. The story starts with a couple of men working at the oil well, Ernie, who is burying tools, and Corrigan, who is taking inventory. They notice a car approaching. The movie has a scene where a car is driving down a road, and Corrigan hands Ernie a clipboard, which is the inventory list, and tells him he will be right back. Corrigan puts on a pair of gloves, and takes out something that was buried. This bundle was wrapped in a blanket, and he puts it in a closet, at the same time he gets startled by an old man named Pop. This small part was cut out of the televised version, and then it picks up where three people get out of the car

    Lois, Clark, and a Mr. Craig come out of the car, and Mr. Craig gives Pop a bag of oranges. Pop thanks Mr. Craig for the oranges and tells him that they just shut the well down. Lois and Clark check into a hotel, and they plan to investigate why the well was drilled six miles down, and then just shut down. The next scene we see Pop eating an orange and he sees two mole men coming up from the well. In the movie, another small segment was cut from the televised episode, that is where the mole men are walking around, and they come up to a small shack, and they watch Pop eating an orange. The scene picks up again where Lois and Clark see Pop dead on the floor. Lois thinks he had a heart attack, and Clark calls for assistance. The next scene we see Clark looking at the well, and he hears Lois scream, because she saw the two mole men at the window. Another small sequence that was cut was that Lois tells Clark and Mr. Craig about the creatures she saw. Then it picks up again where a doctor, the sheriff, and Corrigan walk into the room. The doctor explains that Pop was seventy, and he had a heart attack. Lois thinks that the mole men creatures killed Pop, and she wants them found before they do any other damage.

    Corrigan explains to Clark about his findings at the well, and that is radium. Corrigan believes that the creatures Lois saw could be radioactive. They get a phone call that someone has seen them. Corrigan and Clark notices that everything in the room was glowing, and that the creatures are radioactive and they must not let the mole men touch anyone. The next scene was shortened for television, and that is where the mole men are behind a tree, and watching a car drive down the road. Then it resumes with them walking around, seeing strange things such as flowers, and a snake. They come to a house, look through a window, and they see a little girl in bed holding a ball. She asks them to come inside and play with her. All three sit on the floor and roll the ball back and forth to each other. The girl notices that the ball starts glowing, and in walks her mother. The mother screams, and scares the creatures out of the room.

    A man named Luke Benson gathered the town's people together, to form a lynching party. Benson wants to hunt, and kill these creatures before they hurt any one else, Clark jumps in the middle of the crowd, and tries to reason with them, but they tell him to mind his own business. When the crowd heard the woman scream, Benson and his men ran off with guns and dogs. Clark runs into an alley to change into Superman. This is a little bit different from the movie. The scene is still the same, but when Superman flies off, the television episode plays the Superman theme music. The movie just has the flying sound effects.

    Superman flies to the little girl's house (which looks just like the hotel he and Lois are staying at), and tells everyone that the child is all right. Benson comes up and tries to punch Superman, and Superman picks him up and tells him he is wrong to go after these creatures. Benson does not want to listen, so he takes his men and dogs, and proceeds with the hunt. Benson and his men spotted the creatures on top of a bridge. One man named Chuck Webber had his riffle pointed at them, Benson had his gun out, and a third man named Eddie swept the bridge with a flash light.

    What will happen to the unknown people? Will they be shot? Will Superman come and save them? Read The Unknown People PT.II to find out.moreless

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