Adventures of Superman

Season 1 Episode 26

The Unknown People (2)

Aired Friday 3:30 PM Dec 18, 1951 on
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A strange creature emerges from the well and is wounded by the excited citizens. Superman helps him and gains his trust.

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  • To recap what happened in part one; Lois and Clark came to a small town named Silsby, to do a story on the world's deepest oil well. What they found out was that the well was drilled six miles down, right to the center of the Earth.moreless

    When the project shut down, two mole men creatures came up from the well, and the town's people became scared. A man named Luke Benson gathered a few men to hunt and kill the creatures, but unknown to them, these mole men creatures are radioactive. Superman has to stop them, before they do anything to hurt them. Benson spotted the mole men on top of a bridge; Webber took aim with his riffle, while Eddie swept the bridge with a search light. Superman flew down to the men and told them that the creatures did not do anything to them, and they are radioactive. Webber shoots one of the mole men, and Superman flew up to catch him, before he fell into, and contaminated the river. Superman brought him to a hospital where he is not wanted.

    Meanwhile, the other creature, who is scared, starts running. Benson and his men chase after him with dogs. This scene is longer in the movie, than the televised episode, but not much was edited. The mole man hides in a deserted shed, only to be set on fire by Benson. This scene is interesting to watch only because when the shack is on fire from the outside, it is a full blaze, but not on the inside. Inside the shack, there are flames and smoke, but not to the extent as it looks on the outside.

    The mole man finds a loose board on the ground, removes it, he escapes, and the shack is completely burned down. The creature runs back to the well, and he goes into the hole. In the movie, the next scene is where the sheriff is on the phone to the state police, and Mr. Craig tells him not to involve them, he can handle this situation with Superman's help. This is cut from the televised episode. Then it picks up where Benson and his friends come in and brag that they shot one creature, and burned the other alive. The sheriff tells them that Superman caught the one they shot, and took him to the hospital. Benson proceeds to the hospital to kill him.

    A doctor and Clark operated on the creature and they removed the bullet. Lois comes on the scene to tell Clark what has just happened, and Clark tells her he knows all about Superman, and the creatures. The two reporters walk outside, and they see Benson and a mob of people marching towards the hospital, and Clark goes back into the building, to change into Superman. He comes out and tells Benson and the mob, that they are not going in there. That creature has the right to live, just as they do, and proceeds to tell them that they invaded the creature's world by drilling a hole six miles deep. When they came out of the well, Benson and others shot at them, set dogs on them, and set fire to them. Then Superman goes into the crowd to take away their guns.

    The creature that went back in the hole came out with two friends, and a ray gun. The three of them saw Superman, and the one motions to the others that Superman was the one who saved their friend. Superman walks into the hospital, to bring the other mole man out to them. Benson walks up to the three with a gun, and they use their ray gun on him. Superman jumps in front of the beams to save Benson. Then Superman walks with the mole men carrying the wounded creature to the well, helps them in, and then he and Lois noticed laser beams coming up, and destroying the well. Lois speaks and says," It's like they're saying you live your lives, and we'll live ours". The End.

    This is a good movie/episode to teach the value of life, and that prejudice cannot only hurt others, but cause serious pain to the person carrying the hatred towards others. A nice ending to the first season of Superman.moreless
Jeff Corey

Jeff Corey

Luke Benson

Guest Star

Walter Reed

Walter Reed

Bill Corrigan

Guest Star

John Baer

John Baer

Doctor Reed (uncredited)

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    • Clark: I brought... That is Superman brought it to the hospital.
      Lois: Then you know about Superman.
      Clark: If I don't, who should?

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marked the second of four appearances from John Phillips.
      This episode marked the second of two unrelated appearances from John Baer, Jeff Corey, J. Farrell MacDonald and Walter Reed. This episode marked the third of three recurring narrations from Jack Narz.
      This episode marked the only appearance from Adrienne Marden, Frank Reicher, Hal K. Dawson and Phil Warren.


    • This episode and the previous one, The Unknown People (1) were originally part of the 1951 theatrical feature Superman and the Mole Men. The producers later edited it into the only two-part story in the series' run.


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