Adventures of Superman

Season 4 Episode 8

The Wedding of Superman

Aired Friday 3:30 PM May 12, 1956 on

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  • Just So So

    This was a episode i was excited about alot. I dont dislike but i did not think of much. The episode had only two good things going for it. Noel Neils knockout performace and the whole love story. I didnt think much of how they did the love story. It was still interesting of how Lois dream come true. All that happened is Lois is sad cause she takes over for a love letter reader. While she is out of town. She gets really sad never thinking she get married. To cut it short she dreams she will marry superman but ends before it does. Since it was only a dream anyways. The only crime was some crooks who didnt want Lois to testify. They try to have her marry him but Superman stops it. In the end she wakes and thinks Clark is Superman. She ended the episode with such a great performance. Plus didnt care who the flowers were from. I thought it was a ok episode but could of been better. Still one u got to enjoy for the good idea done ok.