Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers

Season 1 Episode 53


Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Nov 25, 1986 on

Episode Recap

On the penal colony, Deltoid Rock, the General escapes. He takes the warden captive and steals the access codes to control and navigate Deltoid to the planet Teton.

Commander Ned Blake receives the code red alert and immediately contacts BETA while plotting an intercept course.

The Rangers at BETA try to determine the strategic importance of Teton when Niko realizes that a major spaceship construction yard, Sprocket Spaceships, is located there. If the outlaws on Deltoid Rock get to those ships, they'd scatter across the galaxy.

Owen Nagata presents another situation: when the Rock's navigation systems were jammed synced, it triggered the automatic countdown to self destruct. The controls must be reactivated within five hours otherwise the Rock with self-destruct. If it blows up in close proximity to Teton, it will destroy half the planet. Zach demands an assault team enter the Rock. Nagata suggests Goose do it alone. "Gooseman?! He'll stand out like a Ghirken at a Slaver convention," observes Doc. Walsh elaborates that Goose will go in undercover as an alien outlaw. Goose isn't too fond of being used for his bio-defense ability.

As the charging chamber warms up, Q-Ball feels it's his duty to remind Walsh and Nagata that Goose may fry from a prolong charge to his series 5 implant. Nagata reminds Q-Ball, "Goose is more than a human being, he's a Supertrooper!" With that, they charge Goose's implant, changing his appearance. Niko, Hartford and Foxx's mission is to patrol Deltoid to make sure no prisoners escape. Goose only has three hours before his nucleotides recombine and his appearance changes back.

Near Deltoid, Alma enables cloaking screens to hide Goose's interceptor from Deltoid's radar and defenses. Goose lands the interceptor safely on Deltoid, but as he leaves his ship, Deltoid's defenses open fire. Goose manages to make it to the airlock... barely. He enters the airlock and is greeted by an outlaw patrol.

The outlaw notes that he doesn't seem familiar and Goose explains that he's new. Just then, another outlaw walks in demanding they drop their weapons. This airlock belongs to the Black Hole Gang. The captives are brought to MaCross who's planning to take over the station. Goose joins the Black Hole Gang, but first MaCross wants proof that he's serious about joining, so a 'game' is set up. Tug-of-War... with guns. Goose manages to defeat the Black Hole Gang member with the rope. As the game ends, the General's gang attacks.

In the attack, Goose is hit and hides while he changes back to his normal self. One of MaCross's goons, Dordel sees the change and tries to alert MaCross. Goose takes quick care of him and changes back to the "Changeling". MaCross sees Goose leave the fight and follows.

Teton is alerted to the Rock's presence and Zach and Niko try to keep everyone calm. As a precaution, the Laredo is on its way to evacuate the planet, but Doc informs Zach that the Laredo is to destroy the Rock.

Dordel tells Patch that the new guy is a Galaxy Ranger.

The General aims the Rock's weapons systems at the Loredo.

MaCross confronts Changeling who convinces MaCross that he has a score to settle with the General. They both go to the command center and MaCross takes on the General while Goose finds the computer to input the commands to keep Deltoid Rock from self destructing. Patch and Dordel get to the command center and try to stop Goose. Goose tells them the Rock will explode if he doesn't enter the right code. MaCross doesn't believe him and shoots Goose, but his biodefenses take care of any bodily damage. The General sees that it's Goose, but Goose doesn't want to deal with him and immediately puts him down.

Commander Blake orders the patrolling Rangers to retreat and starts the final countdown.

Goose tries to radio the Rangers, but the radio is busted. He communicates to Niko telepathically that he needs help. Zach relays to the Loredo that Goose has finished the mission and has taken control of the Rock. The Loredo is unable to stop the countdown. Blake orders the ship to be rotated, but the ship doesn't move fast enough and the space torpedoes fire. A huge asteroid near the Rock is disintegrated. The Rangers board the Rock and restores order.

Back at BETA, Q-Ball restores Goose to normal.

The General is placed back in his cell, vowing to destroy the 'metamorph' who foiled his plans.