Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers

(ended 1986)


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  • An exceptional "under-the-radar" show.

    The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was a show ahead of its time. It had characters of depth set into a setting that was a merger of Science-Fiction and Western. The quality of work on the show was ahead of the mainstream. The stories had subplots and plotlines that were recurring throughout its run, which made you feel invested tuning in to see what would happen next. The characters weren't just cut-outs that they would write an episode about and forget what happened to them. From Zachary Fox's wife being held by the Queen in her Psychocrypt, to Shane Gooseman's connection to the Supertrooper experiments, it created a tapestry rich with potential. Even supporting characters like Geezy the Petulant, Larry the Aprentice, and Nimrod were well written and performed. Everything done on the show was done with real passion for the end product. Animation at the time was merely seen as a way to get children to get their parents to buy the products. This was not the case with The Galaxy Rangers, which probably led to its short run as a show. I believe that if the idea of making another stab at putting the Galaxy Rangers back on the air were done with the same passion, it would have at least a run as good as some of the top flight cartoon shows have had.
  • Wild west stories set in outer space.

    The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was not the best cartoon ever produced, but it was better than a lot of better known, toy based cartoons produced in the mid to late 1980s. Aimed at the teen/pre-teen market rather than little kids, and without a huge merchandising campaign to back it up, the Galaxy Rangers has become a short lived, little known piece of trivia from the 1980s.

    Overall, the show was well animated, on par with some of the products from Japan that were being introduced around the same time, and offered decent, if not deep, story lines. Odd things about the series include the whole "wild west in the final frontier" aspect and the fact that some of the character designs borrowed a little too much from popular western movies.

    With its odd premise and limited distribution, my local station showed it at 5:30 AM, this show was never destined to become a well remembered hit. It was, however, better than its review score on this website would indicate and I give it a solid 8.