Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers

Season 1 Episode 62

Tower of Combat

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 08, 1986 on

Episode Recap

Escorting an Andorian delegation back to Andor onboard the Laredo, Doc notices a strange energy pulse aimed right for them. Zach, Doc, Zozo, Waldo, and Tyco are dematerialized and each rematerialize inside prison cylinders. Doc's CDU tells them they've been transported to the other side of the galaxy. Waldo surmises that they've been transported via some sort of crude matter transporter. Just then, the General reveals himself to the "Galaxy Recruits" and informs them of his plan.

Using an unauthorized communication carrier wave on BETA's hyperlink relay, the General demands BETA send Goose, who he refers to as "the metamorph", and another champion to rescue the captives held at the top of the Tower of Combat. If the champions can overcome all the obstacles and reach the top, the prisoners go free. If not, Shane will become the basis of the General's new army of replicants.

Goose demands to rescue his friends. Not wanting to give in to the General's blackmail, Commander Walsh gives Shane and Niko twenty-four hours to bring the ambassadors back before he brings the situation up with the Board of World Leaders.

Shane and Niko leave for the coordinates the General gives them, landing them square in the middle of the Empty Zone. When they reach the designated asteroid, they are immediately transported to the Tower via the matter transporter.

Once inside, Niko and Shane ascend to the first entry when a huge ball and chain smashes the stairs behind them forcing them forward into the first level: the laser maze. Niko holds a physic shield to navigate through the maze. Goose transforms into a "mirrored man" reflecting the dangerous lasers away from his body. The General watches on his viewing screen as Goose uses his powers to get through and is pleased with his plan to use Goose. They pass the first test.

Continuing forward, Niko and Goose come up to a set of doors. The General tells them behind one door is a lethal blast of radiation, the other, the next level. Niko uses her psychic energy to determine witch door to enter. The walls are not solid, the slimy floor pulls them in and they fall down a tunnel where then meet a "welcoming" party of crab men. Shane and Niko struggle to fend them off, but manage to. After they finish the last one off, a green beam emanates from the center of the room sending the Rangers into a free fall.

Meanwhile, Doc notices a control panel under his feet, and tries to hack into the circuits underneath his pod. He sends TripWire in to "bust something".

Shane and Niko freefall while being attacked by bats and dragon-birds. Shane manages to see through the illusion of the freefall and finds a ladder on the floor where he and Niko escape through a hatch.

Zach inquires how Doc is coming with Trip Wire. "The Doc requires complete silence while he operates," comes the reply. Doc manages to free themselves from the pods. The General's alarms sound as the captives escape. The replicants go to the holding cell to greet the escaping Rangers. Before Zach can blast the android replicants away with his advanced bionics, Doc sends in his "Tweakers" to disrupt their systems.

Niko and Shane notice swords and shields on the wall, then a burst of light comes from a door opening. Alien skeletons attack. The Rangers grab the swords and defend themselves. As the bones shatter on the floor, they multiply. Niko senses that these skeletons have an energy source and that they probably should find it to stop the skeletons.

Trip Wire is able to follow the General's signals to the command station where Zozo takes on the General as Doc takes control and causes the skeletons to turn on themselves. Zach arrests the General. They end up saving Niko and Shane as they move to the Matter Center to go home. The General informs them there isn't enough energy to send them all back home. Just then, the third and final challenge makes itself known by tearing down a wall.

The Yawl is an angry, hulking, metamorph creature from another galaxy. Goose holds him off while the other escapes. Goose manages to stop the Yawl long enough to escape to the Matter Center when the group decides to use the remaining energy to send the Yawl back to its galaxy. Goose lures the Yawl to the platform; the General sends it back.

The General refuses to operate the Matter Center unless he's freed. Zach asks Doc to operate the machine and send the General to the same location as the Yawl. The General immediately changes his mind and everyone returns safely to BETA. The BETA security team immediately takes the General into custody.