Adventures Of The Galaxy Rangers

Season 1 Episode 59

Trouble at Texton

Aired Weekdays 3:30 PM Dec 03, 1986 on



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    • Doc: Dr Ograbgo, how about a little plug time on the SAM computer? I've never hacked before with one of those babies.
      Dr Ograbgo: What did you say, Ranger Hartford?
      Doc: I'd like a tour of your mainframe computer here, SAM.
      Dr Ograbgo: (yelling) We're very busy here and we don't have time to let computer jockeys go freaking about in the mainframe!

    • Technician James: You're crazy! The Galaxy Rangers will hunt you down!
      Dr. Ograbgo: Bah, a bunch of space cowboys aren't going to give us any problem.

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