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Aeon Flux

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)



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Aeon Flux

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The following is heard during the theme of the show: Trevor: The dream to awaken our world. Aeon: You're out of control. Trevor: I take control. Whose side are you on? Aeon: I take no sides. Trevor: You're skating the edge. Aeon: I am the edge. Trevor: What you truly want, I can give. Aeon: You can't give it, can't even buy it, and you just don't get it. From Peter Chung ("Alexander") brings you a whole new ride, that is Non-Japanimation (a.k.a. Anime) for once, that breaks all the rules in all of American cartoons. "Aeon Flux" first started out as several shorts on MTV's Liquid Television, then spun off into it's own show, under the same name. Just add power, corruption, guns, sex, death, and you'll get a whole new step in animation. Notes: · The episode names are hard to pronounce, as well as the characters on the show. They did not include all the guest stars (just labeled as "Additional voices") so if you know any thing please let us know. · All episodes were released on tape, and the first volume (labeled as "Aeon Flux") was released on DVD back in 1997. Sony Music group who had rights to both the VHS Box Sets and the single DVD, no longer hold rights to the series, therefore it is labeled as "Out of Print." The Original DVD is selling from $40 - $60.00, if you're lucky on eBay. · IMDB reported that a "2nd Season" for Aeon Flux were discussed at MTV, but as of 2003 it hasn't been fulfilled.moreless
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  • Cutting edge animation and a complex storyline make this a completely mind blowing series, from start to finish.

    This animated series by Peter Chung is one of my personal favorites from the early 90s Liquid Television slate produced by MTV. It was my first real exposure to non-mainstream animation, and I found it to be mind blowing. I won't bother trying to summarize the plot beyond the main protagonist, Æon Flux, who was probably one of the first animated anti-heroes I ever saw. I personally enjoyed the series, but it's not for everyone. The show is very dense, and it's storyline can be quite confusing, even after repeated viewings. This is something I believe the director intended. That said, the animation is first rate, some of the techniques used are very reminiscent of anime. Overall, however, the series is great example of cutting edge animation, and one of my personal favorites.moreless
  • And now for something completly different

    Aeon Flux was one of the most wildly different pieces of animation (not anime) ever. I know some people consider Aeon Flux anime, but it's not. Anime is Japanesse animation that is rewritten and revoiced for American consumption. Aeon Flux is not this altough the artistic style has an anime look.

    Aeon Flux is not for everyone, as the reviews I've seen here on prove. I myself have friends that can't stand the show nad no amount of explaination will change their minds. AF is a differnt type of show, in the same vein as Dr. Who. If you like it, great, enjoy.

    By the way, it's available on DVD with some great extras, but you might have to go to the Anime section to find it.moreless
  • once a cool thing

    when this show first came along as a series of shorts on late night mtv it was cool. the character always died. the animation in my opinion was never that good. and when they made it a regular series it went downhill fast. why on eartht they turned this into a movie i will never understand.
  • I don't get it, I just don't get it.

    Why did I give this show a 7,6? So I wouldn't give it a 5 and ruin this show's average score.

    Firstly, I know this show has a lot of fans, even some hardcore fans who think that this show was great or ahead of its time, but don't hate me because I just think it has too much falws.

    Firstly, the graphics is SOOO bad, it makes naked women look monstorous, even grotesc, the only good thing being the clothes on some women, but not Aeon.

    Secondly, I didn't like the plot that much, although it had some pretty nice turns. I saw this only after like 2-3 years before it was made, so I didn't think the ideas were that original.

    Overall, I really didn'y like it, but I guess you can't be blamed for enjoying it. The movie was way better.moreless
  • Before The Matrix...

    Having first seen Aeon Flux as MTV shorts I was instantly captivated, breaking free from the constraints of the "standard" method of story telling, so much is left in the mysterious and unknown, with very imaginative and surreal atmosphere, in some cases one feels like they have just been dropped in the middle of a story with no real explanation of what is going on, its not needed it adds to effect. An interesting format that the heroine is killed off only to be reincarnated in the next short, almost like a video game in some contexts.

    This format was eventually abandoned and a more story like series followed, which might lead one to believe that the initial shorts might of been proof of concept or tests? These episodes are very similar in the same surreal atmosphere but with a little more story line and plot driven in to make them more durable.moreless

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