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Commentary -- Please Respond!

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    I heard somehwere that Aeon Flux was a commentary on our society, like were stuck on Earth and to follow our society rules unless we try to go against them like Aeon, which is very hard to do and risky, just loosly based on the plot of AF. Also, is this a commentary that the government kidnapps people? This is really bothering me, so if you could shed some light it would be mucho appricatiedo.
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    You're lucky. I came across your post just as I've been viewing the Aeon Flux DVDs. I saw the series on MTV when it was originally aired and now I'm re-watching the DVDs, which fortunately come with commentaries.

    Yes, is a commentary on society, though, I'd have to say the episodes still strike me as deliberately obscure. There may be societal commentary in the episodes, but those comments often pale in importance to other aspects of the episodes. According to the writer/director in his commentaries, the episode "Utopia or Deuterantopia?" is a comment on surveillance of citizens. The episode "Thanatophobia" is a comment on the arbitrary and unfair nature of national borders. I imagine the remaining episodes have points of view as well.

    Over all, Aeon Flux deals with totalitarian government. It's not a far leap to use that platform to comment on governmental control of citizens, freedom, etc. The director was Peter Chung, says in his commentary that he's from Korea (South, presumably), so perhaps he has more personal perspective or interest in totalitarian government. Weaving that into his animation wouldn't be a stretch. However, when I first saw them, I wasn't hit over the head with societal commentary. I think I was more focused on figuring out just what the hell the episodes were about at all! For me the series is more about strange images and weird goings on.

    The events and characters are more surreal than comments on problems in our culture. In "Utopia or Deuterantopia?" Trevor uses a chastity belt key to open Clavius' stomach. He then climbs inside, walks through long passages within his body to a hugh chamber where he keeps a lovely lady's formal ball gown. Later he meets Aeon Flux there and they have a chat. Clavius is obviously both comfy and larger on the inside that most of us. But if that's a comment on the nature of republican democracy or other aspect of goverment, it's symbolism escaped me.

    "Aeon Flux" was deliberately created to be innovative and experimental at a time when MTV was trying to branch out from airing only music videos. It wanted to create late night programming for it's young adult audience, which is an audience that typically enjoys innovative and subversive things. This series pushed the boundaries the conventional. Whether it was successful or not? ... I don't know...what do you think? I like creative, experimental and even subversive things. Sometimes they work; but sometimes they don't. Being experimental is risky. I liked the effort, but I wasn't sure I understood what the show was saying much of the time. The show struck me as obscure and I found some of the images repulsive. (Stories about amputations didn't amuse me then and I like them even less now.) For what it's worth, the composer for the series said in his commentary with the director that he didn't understand some of the scenes he was asked to write music for...and he complained that the director refused to him what they meant at the time. If that dynamic went on between the people who actually made the series, what hope is there for the rest of us? ;-)

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