Aeon Flux

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 22, 1992 on MTV - Music Television
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Aeon on a flying plane, Trevor on a train are French kissing in the window. We find out he had put something in her false tooth, and they separate as this transaction is done. While all alone, she looks at the picture, which includes a guy and a brief case. She heads outside of the plane and spies on the guy who she is looking for. She tries for the back door, but misses, and starts to fall to her death. Aeon decides to kill herself, but notices something different on ground. The enemies are pulling something put from the canyon, but she doesn't know what it is. She uses her binoculars, to get a better look, while falling. She then uses her gun as a grappling hook as she falls near the train tracks. She brings her eyes back to the binoculars, unaware that the rope she used is wrapping around her neck and free falling at the same time.

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  • Whoa, pretty short.

    Aeon is kissing a guy, who secretly puts her mission objective in her tooth. After they're done, Aeon takes it out, and finds a picture of a guy and a briefcase. She's on the outside of the plane looking in, and tries looking for a way to enter. She falls, and finds it useless to try. But she notices two people pulling something out of the canyon. She decides to remain alive, and looks closer into her binoculars. She then uses a rope to break her fall, attatching it to a train track. But the rope started tying around her neck, and before she was able to see what those two were pulling up, her neck snapped.

    Only three minutes? I heard some of the Aeon Flux episodes were short, but three minutes? Some songs are longer than this episode! While it wasn't as psychologically entangling as the first, it was still rather interesting. I'm just in love with the abnormalty of how things operate in the world, and the abnormalty in general. And I just love how the story is told without speech. There would be no problem bringing it into other countries. And that deleted scene was pretty hilarious; the one with the girl humping to the sliding door.moreless
  • Aeon user her sexual allures as a woman steals a device of Trevor, while at the same putting herself in danger.

    This is a typical Aeon Flux episode, not

    that is a bad thing but this makes sort

    of evident what's it about without a whole

    lot of explanation. Aeon uses her

    sexual allures to steal something of

    Trevor but in the end comes up short

    to destroy his plans.

    There are some fantastic visuals for

    a three minute skit. As far as action,

    there's not as much as the other

    episodes, Aeox while not finding a good

    escapes finds herself freefalling to

    death. In other episodes, she would

    become more intelligent and cagy in

    avoiding certain bad scenaorios.


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