Aeon Flux

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1992 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

on discovers a new type of creature in Trevor's Laboratory. She steals some eggs and attempts to escape before one of the creatures finds and kills her.

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  • I wonder if Aeon has a boyfriend.

    Aeon inflitrates Trevor's lab. She finds trevor being fascinated over some weird nipple looking object. She then makes her way towards the center of the lab, flexibly avoinding traps. She finds more of those weird nipple looking things, and when looking closer upon them, finds a miniture looking human being in them. She plays tag with it, and kills it. When making her escape, she encounters a larger form of the species. She tries running away, but the being consumed her.

    The story is just so fast, yet fascinating at the same time. Trevor is now suddenly randomly doing these weird things, acting all mentally challenged. The scene with Aeon showing off her athleticism was pretty sweet, and what she captured was just so eye absorbing.moreless
  • Aeon breaks into Trevor\\\'s lab of sorts and finds Trevor in a kitchen board eating some sort of honey. Aeox then finds a weird , small alien species.

    This was another good example of "Flux" ability to incorporate different ideas and themes.

    We got the theme of a rare species, then we have some ugly mutation at the end, chasing her and eventually killing her. Then there's just

    a sick scenario with Trevor being in the

    kitchen cabinet looking like some s and m

    freak licking stuff. Pretty bizarre stuff,

    leaves a lot for interpretation. Decent

  • In this installment, Aeon infiltrates a lab after finding Trevor chained up in a cupboard eating some egg thing. Then she dies after infiltrating a lab, despite some gymnastics. Brilliant.

    As is usual for season 2, the episode starts without any explanation of what's going on. However, like the rest of Season 2, it's easy to catch on. The animation isn't clean, but that's usual for the series. Instead, the proportions seem to be deliberately contorted and surreal. Also as per usual, there isn't any exposition. The viewer is forced to accept that there's a thong-clad Trevor goodchild in a cupboard for whatever reason, that there's some kind of four-legged thing guarding the lab, and that the razor wires that make up the lab's defences are identical to the jungle-gym that Aeon makes her way through after finding Trevor in the cupboard. Overall, this contributes to way the episode flows, making it more enjoable after you abandon the expectation that it make sense. After that, it starts to make a little sense, although the loose ends are never really tied up. Then again, that's part of the appeal of the series.moreless

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