Aeon Flux

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Aired Unknown Sep 01, 1991 on MTV - Music Television
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Æon is in a shootout at the main base. Blood, bullets, and gore are everywhere. Trevor notices a bug on his foot, and picks it up. Æon proceeds into the enemy base.

One of the enemy that Æon shot is still barely alive. Lying in a pool of blood, with his last bit of strength the man sees Æon shooting his friend — possibly his lover.

As Æon goes deeper into the base, she encounters two people — one enemy, another dressed in black like Æon — fighting over a suitcase. She kills them both and takes the suitcase. Proceeding even deeper into the base, she combines a bomb and a holder that was in the case. She then throws it aside, unaware something is stuck to her boot.

Æon reaches a room, which turns out to be a room for Trevor of some sort. She hides just as Trevor and a woman enter. More people come into the room, making her retreat to another place. Fast-forward: Æon is now high atop one of the buildings and spies on Trevor and the woman. In back of them is a television, where we can't hear any voices, but we learn a bug that Trevor just took out of this body is spreading a new disease for which there is no cure. Æon decides to move in for the kill but falls onto her death, when the object — a nail — that was suck onto her foot penetrates her heel, making her lose her balance.

Someone from Æon's headquarters knows she is dead and terminates her body. Inexplicably, she is then reborn, or another copy of her is created, and a really ugly guy is seen licking her feet. Meanwhile, we learn Trevor has created a cure for the new disease, and becomes the most-loved man in the country. Fast-forward to present: A boy is buying a foot fetish magazine with Æon on the cover. The kid pays for it, and the view zooms in on the currency, which bears Trevor's face. We are then left with a long shot of Æon and the weird guy licking her feet for all of eternity ...


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  • It\'s pretty hard for me to tell if I enjoyed this episode or not, but I wasn\'t bored, so I like!

    Aeon is immediately pitted in a base, mowing down every single generic guard that comes in her path. After advancing a little into the base, she\'s constantly looking at her mission objective file. A man\'s faced is plastered in it, which we should all assume she has to kill. Some of the soldiers look at their necks and wrists, finding green lines which can be interpreted as a disease. Manuevering through the base with her slick stealthy moves, she finally reaches the room of her bounty. But before reaching there, she steps on a nail she doesn\'t notice. There, she witnesses the bug responsible for the disease is being manipulted through her target. Many people died because of it. Aeon makes her move, but when she steps down on the shoe with the nail, she falls down and dies. Headquarters self destructs her body, and burns her room. After, her target she failed to kill became mayor thanks to his scheme.

    I remember watching Aeon Flux as a kid, but I never knew it was this psychological. Not a single word was spoken besides some gibberish, but the story was perfectly understood thanks to the visual acting. Aeon Flux is quite an abnormal cartoon. First, Aeon is rather revealing, with only strings being wrapped around her body. And some of the actions from her, as well as some of the other characters in this episode, are just plain weird. Her target licking inside the ear of his girlfriend, and some of the psychological objects was just really visually appealing. Aeon at the end in a dream type of sequence with that man licking the bottom of her feet was kind of weird, but did help make the episode more interesting. In short, this episode achieved due to its presentation.moreless
  • This was my first episode and an excellent episode to begin watching the show. I just finished viewing it for the first time and thank God (or MTV) for releasing the entire series on DVD!moreless

    This was my first episode and an excellent episode to begin watching the show. I just finished viewing it for the first time and thank God (or MTV) for releasing the entire series on DVD!

    I had never even heard of the show until interest in the new movie began rising. The animation is great for being over 10 years old. I can easily see the anime influence involved.

    What I enjoyed about the pilot was that there was not a word of English spoken. The only speech was from a newscaster in the background, but it was not in English. I was happy with this because it shows that you can convey thoughts and emotions without words in an animated work. The violence was awesome and I was just waiting for her to step on that stupid nail. When she did, I was so surprised because she falls off the building and dies! In the pilot! However, she is somehow reborn with a weird tickling scene in the very end of the episode. This definitely captures my interest and makes me wonder of things to come. Will we understand what her mission(s) is/are? What she really is? Spoken words? The mysteries keep arising and it has only been one episode.

    I must also mention that I noticed a lot of symbolism. However, I cannot really explain what it means...moreless

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