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  • once a cool thing

    when this show first came along as a series of shorts on late night mtv it was cool. the character always died. the animation in my opinion was never that good. and when they made it a regular series it went downhill fast. why on eartht they turned this into a movie i will never understand.
  • I don't get it, I just don't get it.

    Why did I give this show a 7,6? So I wouldn't give it a 5 and ruin this show's average score.
    Firstly, I know this show has a lot of fans, even some hardcore fans who think that this show was great or ahead of its time, but don't hate me because I just think it has too much falws.
    Firstly, the graphics is SOOO bad, it makes naked women look monstorous, even grotesc, the only good thing being the clothes on some women, but not Aeon.
    Secondly, I didn't like the plot that much, although it had some pretty nice turns. I saw this only after like 2-3 years before it was made, so I didn't think the ideas were that original.
    Overall, I really didn'y like it, but I guess you can't be blamed for enjoying it. The movie was way better.
  • what did you expect it's MTV

    This show did not make a lot of sense, but i had to watch anyway. Aeon dies in allot of the episodes, yet continues to go on. I guess this is somewhat of a takeoff of the movie Heavy Metal. it is entertaining in a strange way, yet boring at the same time. i don’t know why it was such a short run. The DVD should be out by now so you can watch it in it's completeness anytime you want. Getting 100 characters into a review about a show that did not even make it past one season is difficult
  • Update on finding the series on DVD

    This is not a review, but just a informative update that the entire DVD collection is available at Best Buy for around $35 since the movie came out. Price and availability could change due to feedback on the movie. It\'s in a white box set and when I rang it up it was $31.99, but noone knew that there was an animation before the movie came out.
    Oh and I watched it when I was little at family's house as a guilty pleasure since being a night owl and only had famer's cable at my house till after I left high school. I liked what I watched, but never understood it since didn't watch all of the shows.
  • I couldn't summarize this if I wanted for yourself.

    The show kind of went over my head, but it was still interesting enough to watch. Granted I used to watch this when I wasn\'t supposed to since I was still in school at the time, but it definately had my full attention. I still recommend watching Aeon Flux along with Akira for those just getting started in Anime.
  • Innovative and highly influential ...

    Aeon Flux was my first experience with an anime like cartoon, being that it is a science fictioned themed series I thought that I would give it a try.

    Man, I'm glad I did. This show is spectacular! Moody and stylish, AF drops you right in to a futuristic, Blade Runner-esque society. It's dark, and strangely beautiful. The voice acting is good, and the storylines are strong.

    This show was something rare and something very different. It still amazes me that this even got onto TV. It is a series that is at once very philosophical while being also very surreal. Each episode explores some new twisted dimension of thought.

    I would hesitate to show this to small children as there is some violence and mild sexual innuendo. The deeper story of each episode would also elude a small child.

  • And now for something completly different

    Aeon Flux was one of the most wildly different pieces of animation (not anime) ever. I know some people consider Aeon Flux anime, but it's not. Anime is Japanesse animation that is rewritten and revoiced for American consumption. Aeon Flux is not this altough the artistic style has an anime look.

    Aeon Flux is not for everyone, as the reviews I've seen here on prove. I myself have friends that can't stand the show nad no amount of explaination will change their minds. AF is a differnt type of show, in the same vein as Dr. Who. If you like it, great, enjoy.

    By the way, it's available on DVD with some great extras, but you might have to go to the Anime section to find it.
  • Before The Matrix...

    Having first seen Aeon Flux as MTV shorts I was instantly captivated, breaking free from the constraints of the "standard" method of story telling, so much is left in the mysterious and unknown, with very imaginative and surreal atmosphere, in some cases one feels like they have just been dropped in the middle of a story with no real explanation of what is going on, its not needed it adds to effect. An interesting format that the heroine is killed off only to be reincarnated in the next short, almost like a video game in some contexts.
    This format was eventually abandoned and a more story like series followed, which might lead one to believe that the initial shorts might of been proof of concept or tests? These episodes are very similar in the same surreal atmosphere but with a little more story line and plot driven in to make them more durable.
  • Nothing can prepare you for something this different.

    Far ahead of it's time, and well beyond anything that had come out before, Aeon Flux was a groundbreaking effort on many fronts. Originally a series of shorts on MTV, it grew into a cult phenomenon, and into it's own series. Though short lived, it has never left the consciousness of anime fans, and certainly left a lasting impression on anyone who caught the series. Well worth the investment to find the DVD releases, this series is a benchmark for many of the things to come along after it. With a completely sideways wit, and a vivid eye for the art of animation, Peter Chung brings to life a world that is both fascinating and scary, all the while being wildly entertaining.
  • Each episode scaffolds - with the ending being added to bit-by-bit. A fantastic concept - very original and hugely inspired!

    I'm just hoping the movie with the same name is just as good as the series! Who knows.. we'll wait and see I guess. The movie does have Charlize Theron in it (I think) - she's a gutsy actor with aome solid acting credits behind her - so hopefully with a reputation as a good character actress she'll be able to make the transition from being a method actor into more of an action actor without too much trouble. As a teen, the only consolation of a Saturday night without plans to go out was that I could be home to watch Aeon Flux. TV Com having a site for this show is fantastic! I haven't known may people (perhaps 2 at the most) who actually watched Aeon Flux so it was frustrating as no-one knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately this brilliant show didn't get much advertising here in Australia, but perhaps it's not so bad as it was then allowed to remain original and untouched!
  • Aeon Flux is on the most innovating animation shows of all time, imposing new storylines and a groundbreaking animation for the contemporary cartoons.

    Aeon Flux, can be considered one of the American animation most innovating from all time, and also can be considered the first and only American anime stile.

    This is one of my favourite shows of all time, because it have unique scripts and a non linear storylines in most of the episodes, plus the characters are quite innovating even they were developed ten years ago. Just one of the best animation series from all time.
  • One of many underappreciated gems to appear on Liquid Television.

    What can you say about a show where the main character dies or comes to ruination in almost every episode, and then is suddenly alive and well again in the next episode without any explanation? Other than the fact it’s an underappreciated masterpiece, not much. The complex symbolism, the ties to discordianism, and the occasional jab at mainstream action movies are commonplace in the fluidly animated surreal world that’s the stage for the war between the dystopian Bregna and the anarchistic Monica.

    For most of the series, only two characters really matter: Aeon and Trevor. The voice acting for them, and other characters in the later episodes, is largely perfect. There are a few misses, like Sybil and Onan in Thanotophobia, but largely the acting is good and the dialogue spot-on. Despite the fact he’s most often painted as a villain, you actually get to empathize with Trevor to an extent, on occasion more than you do with the amoral Aeon. Indeed, neither of the main characters or their respective countries is painted as being a paragon of morality or skill, leaving the impression that they’re both unfinished halves, opposites. This hypothesis is confirmed in the graphic novel released after the series.

    Overall, interesting and more than worth a look.
  • From the brilliant mind of Peter Chung who you all may know co - produce a short in the animatrix dvd, but most importantly for his great eye for a sci - fi cult cartoon.

    Aeon Flux is the sultry sexy, superspy from Monica an opposition to the nation of Bregna, who has newly come under power from Trevor Goodchild who is to believe Aeons target or forbidden lover, it is unclear throughout the series. The show offers strange plots for those who have no idea whats going on to review it again to see the intelligence brought from the crew. The characters are quite believable as it offers an insight into political and heirachial areas. Its debut began in 1991 where it came in a series of shorts appearing on MTV's liquid television in which Aeon dies in every single episode and to add there is no dialect so we hear only grunts and moans, which are quite ironic to shows implication of sexual innuendo. When it was cut it was wanted back by popular demand which it had unintentionally spawned a cult following, therefore Chung had the notion to start in 1995 a series of 30 minute episodes with dialect to the characters most prominent are that of Aeon (Denise Poirer) and Trevor (John Rafter Lee) this carried 10 episodes. My personal favourite is the episode End Sinister as the whole franchise leaves you on a cliffhanger as to what will happen to the characters, but unfortunately the series was never reprised. Since then 3 VHS came out in 1996,1997 and 1998, and later a 3 DVD boxset in 2001 which goes to show it was a highly successful show. I'll leave that its coming out as a major motion film with real actors sadly not animation. So Aeon Flux will never die, because of it crisp freshness in appeal of plot and character appeal and the intrigueing thing is, more can be done to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for reading
  • Cutting edge animation and a complex storyline make this a completely mind blowing series, from start to finish.

    This animated series by Peter Chung is one of my personal favorites from the early 90s Liquid Television slate produced by MTV. It was my first real exposure to non-mainstream animation, and I found it to be mind blowing. I won't bother trying to summarize the plot beyond the main protagonist, Æon Flux, who was probably one of the first animated anti-heroes I ever saw. I personally enjoyed the series, but it's not for everyone. The show is very dense, and it's storyline can be quite confusing, even after repeated viewings. This is something I believe the director intended. That said, the animation is first rate, some of the techniques used are very reminiscent of anime. Overall, however, the series is great example of cutting edge animation, and one of my personal favorites.
  • A cutting edge animated show. Truly a groundbreaker of years past.

    The bizzre witty and seductive adventures of Aeon Flux and her nemesis the truly bizzare Trevor Goodchilde. Are they enemies, lovers, both? For it's time this animated show broke alot of new ground. Some of which modern animation has barely touched. Springing from mtv's 90's foray into animated television following the success of fox's the simpson's and the impending anime invasion, which by this time was still a mere trickle of titles when compared to today's market, this title broke out from it's shorts on liquid television to inspire a half hour of mayhem to sizzle the old brain cells. If you get a chance watch it and enjoy it on mtv2 or dvd. Live action movie is on it's way, but I don't have high hopes for it.