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  • From the brilliant mind of Peter Chung who you all may know co - produce a short in the animatrix dvd, but most importantly for his great eye for a sci - fi cult cartoon.

    Aeon Flux is the sultry sexy, superspy from Monica an opposition to the nation of Bregna, who has newly come under power from Trevor Goodchild who is to believe Aeons target or forbidden lover, it is unclear throughout the series. The show offers strange plots for those who have no idea whats going on to review it again to see the intelligence brought from the crew. The characters are quite believable as it offers an insight into political and heirachial areas. Its debut began in 1991 where it came in a series of shorts appearing on MTV's liquid television in which Aeon dies in every single episode and to add there is no dialect so we hear only grunts and moans, which are quite ironic to shows implication of sexual innuendo. When it was cut it was wanted back by popular demand which it had unintentionally spawned a cult following, therefore Chung had the notion to start in 1995 a series of 30 minute episodes with dialect to the characters most prominent are that of Aeon (Denise Poirer) and Trevor (John Rafter Lee) this carried 10 episodes. My personal favourite is the episode End Sinister as the whole franchise leaves you on a cliffhanger as to what will happen to the characters, but unfortunately the series was never reprised. Since then 3 VHS came out in 1996,1997 and 1998, and later a 3 DVD boxset in 2001 which goes to show it was a highly successful show. I'll leave that its coming out as a major motion film with real actors sadly not animation. So Aeon Flux will never die, because of it crisp freshness in appeal of plot and character appeal and the intrigueing thing is, more can be done to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for reading