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MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)





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  • One of many underappreciated gems to appear on Liquid Television.

    What can you say about a show where the main character dies or comes to ruination in almost every episode, and then is suddenly alive and well again in the next episode without any explanation? Other than the fact it’s an underappreciated masterpiece, not much. The complex symbolism, the ties to discordianism, and the occasional jab at mainstream action movies are commonplace in the fluidly animated surreal world that’s the stage for the war between the dystopian Bregna and the anarchistic Monica.

    For most of the series, only two characters really matter: Aeon and Trevor. The voice acting for them, and other characters in the later episodes, is largely perfect. There are a few misses, like Sybil and Onan in Thanotophobia, but largely the acting is good and the dialogue spot-on. Despite the fact he’s most often painted as a villain, you actually get to empathize with Trevor to an extent, on occasion more than you do with the amoral Aeon. Indeed, neither of the main characters or their respective countries is painted as being a paragon of morality or skill, leaving the impression that they’re both unfinished halves, opposites. This hypothesis is confirmed in the graphic novel released after the series.

    Overall, interesting and more than worth a look.