Aeon Flux

MTV - Music Television (ended 1995)





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  • Each episode scaffolds - with the ending being added to bit-by-bit. A fantastic concept - very original and hugely inspired!

    I'm just hoping the movie with the same name is just as good as the series! Who knows.. we'll wait and see I guess. The movie does have Charlize Theron in it (I think) - she's a gutsy actor with aome solid acting credits behind her - so hopefully with a reputation as a good character actress she'll be able to make the transition from being a method actor into more of an action actor without too much trouble. As a teen, the only consolation of a Saturday night without plans to go out was that I could be home to watch Aeon Flux. TV Com having a site for this show is fantastic! I haven't known may people (perhaps 2 at the most) who actually watched Aeon Flux so it was frustrating as no-one knew what I was talking about. Unfortunately this brilliant show didn't get much advertising here in Australia, but perhaps it's not so bad as it was then allowed to remain original and untouched!