Aeon Flux

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1992 on MTV - Music Television
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Aeon and her friend must stop a device from entering another device that would cause the place they are on to sink. Aeon and her friend are also hunting for an item behind one of the locked doors on one of the floors. Unfortunately they don't know which one. Trevor had pressed all of the elevator buttons and thrown the key and the tag had broken off .

Aeon handcuffs Trevor to a bar in the room, and gives her friend a gun to train on him. She grabs the key and tries to grab the tag, but it's too late, the doors for the elevator is opening. She tries the key on the door (6th floor) but it doesn't open. While heading back to the elevator, she shoots the device, preventing it from entering the other device. She then heads back to the elevator, and tries to get the tag, When the doors open again she goes out and tries the key on another floor but it won't open the door.

This happens several more times. After the 3rd floor Aeon knows it's on the 2nd floor and then catches her friend in the act of pleasing Trevor. The friend turns on Aeon, firing her gun, but to her surprise, it has no bullets. Aeon then comes for her, but her friend hits her over the head with gun, knocking her dead.

Her friend goes to the second floor door, where she gets the item. She is unaware while she was out someone entered the elevator and killed Trevor. She goes back to the elevator, and tries to bring out the item they need (a big rubber circle thing.)

Aeon's false friend drops the rubber thing, and runs to the device, but it's too late. The guy who killed Trevor, manages to get the two devices together, and lifts up the plug (which is shaped like the rubber plug she dropped upstairs.). She watches as the land around her start to sink


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  • What the fudge?!

    Aeon and her friend are in an elevator with Trevor. She handcuffs Trevor so he wouldn't do anything. It seems like Aeon and her friend are looking for a device, but they don't know which floor it's on, so they have to check every floor. An enemy is always distrupting Aeon as she checks if the key leads to the floor with the device. She also shoots some weird mechanism that's keeping the structure afloat to make buy her time. Aeon repeats this process until the second floor, where her friend is sucking Trevor's nipple. Her friend knocks Aeon dead. As she runs outside to get the device, the enemy enters the elevator room, killing Trevor. Aeon's friend then heads towards the device Aeon was shooting, but the enemy already got there, and the device connected. The friend tried getting on, but it's too late; the platform sank.

    This was a really interesting, yet confusing episode. I really don't know where to start. In fact, I'm actually better off not talking about the confusing parts. For a four minute clip, it does a good job of making us confused. The episode is understandable; it's just that some of the minor and smaller things are weird. Like when Aeon's friend checks to find the device, the enemy literally passes by her, and she hardly even noticed! Maybe some of these things are simply to figure out; just too simply to figure out since it goes beyond common sense.moreless

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