Aeon Flux

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1992 on MTV - Music Television
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Aeon tries to go to the enemies' main base and ends up killing everyone, or so she thought. As she looks around, unaware that someone is still alive, he holds a gun to her head. He is about to kill her, but she sees someone (someone on her side) that might be able to help her. Aeon tries to stall the killer by flashing her tongue, but the enemy isn't stupid. He kills Aeon, and the person behind him.

The enemy (who just killed Aeon) look over a wall only to see 50 (or more) of Aeon's people and starts to kill them all. He rushes onto their base, and starts to kill a lot of them (as with Aeon did with their people.) He starts to enter their main base and sees a door open. He is then caught in a fight with what appears to be a Samurai warrior. After some fancy moves, the Samurai makes direct contact with the enemy.

A little girl emerges from the room, and the Samurai pats her on the head, before locking her in when more alarms go off. A plane-full of their enemies starts to take over the place, and the Samurai guy uses his skill in killing and getting up onto the plane. He meets his match when he faces a girl with a gun.

The enemy girl then starts to kill whoever is left below, the men in the black, and proceeds to enter their main base. She hurries to the prison, and let out what seems to be her lover. They kiss but ultimately stop when bullets come flying their way. They then begin their escape ...

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  • Kind of feels like a kids show with a mature interface.

    Aeon Flux is inflitrating a base, killing many soldiers on her way. But she meets the match of one soldier, and gets killed along with a comrade who was about to save her. That same soldier then mowed down all of Aeon's allies, inflitrating their base. But a samurai, on whichever group Aeon's side is called, kills him. He then inflitrates the person he killed's base, and kills many more of his comrades. But a woman with a gun kills him, who inflitrates his base, and rescues a prisoner whom she kisses at sight. They both make their escape, but oil that was dripping earlier is shown.

    Like said before, this feels awfully like a children's show, except with a mature surface. The format follows the same kind of format that most children's shows use when they have a variety of different stories in one episode, but are connected by something. It's as if the story is being handed to one person. It's a really fun concept, but too bad sexy Aeon had to die so early.moreless

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