Afro Samurai

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on Spike TV

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  • Beyond my wildest dreams and expectations for this ending!

    The series has been concluded and it couldn't have ended better if they tried. The best two fights in the whole series are showcased in the exact same explosive, in-your-face style. This is basically the best episode for good reason, not just for the battles but for the additional plot twists placed in the storyline. Ninja is killed (more like being a dispursed figment of Afro's imagination) and Afro is sent on a "guilt trip" by Jinno, referring to their fallen friends and master. Afro finally gets to fight Justice and finds out some things previously unrevealed in the storyline. One: Jinno did not die years ago. He was saved by the Empty Seven Clan so that he would kill Afro when it was time. Two: there are more than just the #1 and #2 headbands, there are actually dozens of them. Three: Justice has a third arm on his back, which he used to kill Afro's father and almost kill Afro with.

    This will go down in anime history as far as I'm concerned and I'm hoping that it will somehow continue on in it's animated glory.
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