Afro Samurai

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Jan 04, 2007 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

As the sun sets behind a large mountain, two warriors are ready to face off against each other in combat to the death. The original Afro Samurai, the number one fighter in the world, has been challenged by Justice, the number two fighter. The Afro Samurai gives his son words of assurance and walks towards his opponent. After an explosive battle, the samurai has been beheaded and the victor has been chosen. Justice picks up the severed head and takes off the headband that is attached. He has now become the number one fighter and a god among men.

After many years, the new Afro Samurai has emerged and become the number two fighter, but with great power comes great responsibility. The Afro Samurai is surrounded by 20 bounty hunters who want to take the headband he wears to make a large profit from it, but to continue his journey he must fight to protect it. During the scuffle, an elderly man is seen in a tree spectating from afar with night-vision goggles and a cell phone. After a gruesome, blood-filled demonstration of strength and fighting prowess, the Afro Samurai has come out victorious with not a scratch on him.

A strange little man is seen running through the town streets and the ducks into the nearby bar. He is offered a drink by the bartender to calm him down. He then explains to everyone that he saw the famous Afro Samurai close by. A soft-spoken man asks about all the famous warrior everyone is upset about. On the other side of the bar, a large, angry man begins to fight the others so that he can get the chance to fight the samurai. A man with a spear in hand stands ready to challenge him in a deadlocked position. Just then, the Afro Samurai himself walks into the bar, past the two men, and orders an ice cold glass of lemonade. The behemoth behind him decides to smash the glass with his bare fist in order to provoke a fight. Cool-headed, the samurai asked for another, but this time, on the other man's tab. The man decides that he can squash Afro, but instead he finds a fist is in his face and his body spiraling through the front wall of the bar. Once he got his cool glass of lemonade, the samurai gets a clue of where to go from the bartender.

Following the bartender's advice he sets out along the cliffs by the river. Ninja Ninja sees that the man asking about him in the bar is trailing them. After making himself known he unleashes his gigantic crossbow from the tarp it is wrapped in and points it at Afro. He effortlessly deflects arrows and jumps out of the way of some rocket-propelled grenades. Afro jumps off the rock wall and heads straight for the archer and a storm of arrows. He swiftly dodges the arrows and takes out his energetic foe is with a quick stab to the forehead.

After taking out his opponent and lighting up a cigarette, Afro falls to his knees. Ninja sees that he was actually grazed and poisoned by one of the arrows. At the top of the cliff, Brother #2 and Brother #6 of the Empty Seven Clan have been watching the battle closely while reporting to Brother #1. #6 decides that, in his weakened state, Afro is in a perfect position to be killed so he jumps down to take him out. He pulls out a RPG from his backpack and fires. At the last second, Afro slices the projectile in half causing the explosion to go behind him and his sidekick. Afro is sent plummeting to his death when the explosion causes the cliff to break up and fall.