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  • I needa get out of my dorm and stop watching this.

    I got this from Netflix because I heard a few refrences to it so I decided to check it out and I have watched it 3 times already. This is just absolutely amazing. The animation is incredible though every once in a while you can tell that they're reusing the same poses over and over again. And the storyline behind this is mouth watering. You have a good old fashioned "get revenge for my father" type of thing here and I must say that the script writing and voice acting were my favorite parts. I mean really you have Samuel L. Jackson(Afro, Ninja Ninja), Kelly Hu(Okiku), Ron Perlman(Justice), John DiMaggio(Brother #2, Giant, Ivanov, Patron #2), Phil LaMarr(Brother #1, Brother #3, Brother #5, Kuro, Teen Afro Samurai), and Dave Wittenburg(Assassin, Matasaburo, Patron #3, Punk). That my friends is the ultimate line up of voice actors. One thing you'll notice is how Ninja Ninja annoyingly likes to keep complaining about an enemy Afro's about to face even though it's obvious our hero will win. Now this show has like a battle or 2 per episode kinda thing so the battles are rather short especially when they have to bunch it in with the back-story. I would definitely say for you to go out and buy it and see for yourself how amazing this thing is. I swear you will take this thing home, watch it like 5 times,go back to the store and marry the person who sold you Afro Samurai. I hear they're coming out with a season 2 wich I will most definitely pick up and an Afro Samurai game for the 360 and the PS3.

    Qouting from Ninja Ninja just after he dies "Man, it was the bomb hanging out with you, Afro Samurai."
  • Even if Afro Samurai is a short liver with a quirky storyline. The show will make you laugh in pain like it's entertaining.

    Samurais of Japan are one of the more notorious fighters on the warriors list. Their weapons and intelect can be used as key tools to prevail in the toughest battles. But a black, afro-headed samurai is a different story. Afro Samurai is the show that seems to have that eccentric mixture with Feudal Japan, Hip-hop, and Sci-fi. Starring voice actors and famous ones, Samuel L. Jackson, and anime voice actor Yuri Lowenthal: known for his role in Naruto's character Sasuke. But this is an anime that means "put your little ones to bed." The story is a bit cliched, yet simple walkthrough that follows our swift and aware Afro Samurai. Who witnesses his father get beheaded by Justice, the Western inspired gun-slinger. As Afro is haunted by is memories of his fathers death, he is pushed to the peak of revenge against the killer of his father. The introduction of the first episode is an early demonstration to the plot, but this is so far the best intro I've seen, which begins with two fast, gory fights. For a little heads-up with the plot, Afro is the wearer of the #2 Headband, but anyone who wears the headband would be challenged by any warrior in the world for the #2 title. But the name for #1 would make a samurai hold the "God"-like status of the world. Afro Samurai, voiced by actor Samuel L. jackson, rarely does very much talking. While on his quest for revenge, Afro doesn't have to go at it alone. Who is followed by his obnoxious, imaginary friend Ninja-Ninja. The voice-acting is very terrific, making this the best anime to have incredible voice casts. The voices aren't the only thing that adds to the the sound appeal of the show. RZA's, or Wu-Tang, album just puts the show into a massive break down with some hot tracks including Certified Samurai, Fury In My Eyes, and other fat beat contained songs.

    The action is 90% percent solid. The second episode has some, but within Afros flashback, is a back-up treat. Every episode is based on half of Afros past, the other is present life. The fights are a little hard to see at times, but they are a pure masterpiece.

    With a five long episode run, Afro Samurai has made itself the second-shortest show to run. But despite the character art, the atmosphere doesn't look Japanese-made. It is made in Japan, but there was a huge reason of the short delay: a million dollars each episode,along with everything great within each episode.

    Afro Samurai is a short ride with a simple story. But the action, voice-acting, and soundtrack is something you will remember for years. We just hope there is another show with similar action in the future. Even if Afro Samurai is a mature oriented show, it is something that will always live up to in its anime genre.
  • A quick and dirty masterpiece. You just can't beat Afro Samurai. Definitely my favorite TV Show.

    MAN this was a fantastic show. However, I can understand how some would dislike its style. Let's break it down here for a sec:

    Superior rap/R&B music
    Superior animating
    Superior action and violence
    Moving plot that IS genuinely fresh
    Deep characters
    Samuel "I hate motherf*cking snakes!" Jackson
    Far-out setting
    Interesting moral dilemmas
    Ron Perlman
    Superior special effects
    Nice sex scene
    Awesome all around ideas

    There aren't any real cons to the show, per se, but there are certain people who won't appreciate its beauty for specific reasons. These aren't bad people, they just lack a thirst for blood and/or good taste.

    Possible cons:
    Simplistic dialogue (The dialogue is simplistic, but deep at the same time. No wasted breath, as there is in a lot of anime)
    Short (5 episodes. It IS a mini-series...)
    Rap (If you absolutely HATE rap, you won't like this show... Learn to expand you horizons people!)
    Too much violence (If you're a pacifist/squeamish)
    Racial diversity (If you're an effing racist and hate black people. You aren't an effing racist, are you?)
    Ninja Ninja (He IS annoying, but that's kinda the point)
  • I must confess to being dubious when a friend recommended this to me but I was very pleasantly surprised with this show.

    The story seems to be set in a dystopic future Japan, where there exist two headbands. Whoever has the number one headband lives the life of a god on a far away mountain and only the person who possesses the number two headn=band has the right to challange him - this means that everyone wants to be number two. That honor however blongs to the Afro Samurai a man who's father used to be Number one but was defeated by the Number Two. Now Afro travels Japan wearing the Number Two headband searching for the Number one in order to take his revenge.

    This is a surprisingly interesting plot with a lot ethical issues about friendship, revenge and the future beatifully interplayed with some of the best choreographed fight sequences I have seen in some time. It also features some excellent voice work from Ron Pearlman and Samuel L. Jackson.

    All in all I can't wait for the second series - Afro Samurai: Resurrection.
  • wow that was really violent!

    in the world of Afro Samurai, the person who is the No.1 swordsman is believed to have such mighty powers that they are considered some kind of god. So basically the show is about a samurai called Afro, who as a child, saw his father (who was the No.1 swordsman at that time) murdered by a mysterious gunman who then stole Afro's fathers headband (if you have the No.1 headband then that's considered undeniable proof that you are the No.1 swordsman in the land), and Afro's quest to avenge his fathers death. The show is known for being full of violence, but it's also a darn good drama full of twists and turns that keep you guessing until the final episode. So in short, Afro Samurai is a decent anime action drama that can be enjoyed by anyone who doesn't mind a whole lot of violence.
  • Too short...

    While the story behind Afro Samurai was nice, I felt that the story progressed way to fast and was to short. The story started out and finished in a blink of an eye. There was little to no story developement and the little there was did nothing but explain why Afro was after the number one headband. With more work on the plot and the story being a little longer, this could have been better than it was. Because even without the story being more, the fighting was great and made you want to watch more. I hope they do come out with another seasons, but this time, make it longer, with more fights and a more developed story and I will give it a 10 out of 10 in rating.
  • Short, sweet and satisfying. Better than what I thought!

    I honestly purchased this DVD for amusement, just to see what kind of anime-imitation nonesense it was. I exprected eye-candy good for one serving.

    Wrong. First off, the characterization was pretty good. No black-and-white/good-and-evil/hero-and-villain in this series. The viewer cant just take a righteous stand for the sake of rooting or booing of anyone: like most anime, we are forced to grasp human flaws and pass our own judgement.

    The plot remained consistant, with little twists. Revisited pasts and personal struggles is what fuels the story along. The logic went just far enough to satisfy viewers; no intense details were included. Instead there were just enough flashbacks, tears and fluid action scenes to make you buy into the extreme. Everything was paced just right.

    Dont get me wrong. This DVD is revolutionary. It's just a good watch. In the end, the Afro World, as cool as it is, doesnt feel all that original to demand any kind of spin off or continuation. Dont get me wrong: cliche or over-used premises can still set the stage for somethng great, as it has happened so many times before. But Afro Samurai feels great on it's own; being "cool" can only go so far. In this case, a short saga was just right.

    Buy it!
  • When Hip Hop Meets Anime

    Before I start the review, I want to say that I reviewed this on the IMDB which makes this seem like a movie when.. I guess it's a TV show.. movie.. or both like the Futurama Bender's Big Score or whatever it's called movie. So if you saw this somewhere else, that's me. I just copied and pasted it here since I have an account on both websites.. why not put reviews here, too? Increase my contribution score! So I guess the original review was 508 words long and not 599. Taken a lot of thought into this movie and I finally got my opinion all together in words. Let me first say that the ending of this movie, was just aching to watch. I abhor it. The effort they took into this movie just ended up being a disaster. I do not wish to wait for a part two, there was no need to add suspense to the story of the Afro Samurai. Largely because everything else was actually great. I guess I should share my opinion on the rest of the movie.

    Afro Samurai was above all one of the greatest anime movie I've seen, excluding the ending of course. It was a hip hop style anime movie chock-full of Romance, Action, Violence, Drama, and suspense. I've not had very much acquaintance with samurai television shows and movies, but I know they are just exhilarating to watch, after viewing this movie, or I should say mini series. What I found dramatic about this movie, however, was how Afro Samurai was treated when he was in his youngest ages, especially seeing his father getting slaughtered by number one. It caused him to seek revenge, and that just seems abnormal for a kid his age. Also, I thought it was heartbreaking as Justice killed Ninja Ninja, an innocent man who doesn't really deserve that! Maybe some of that anger Afro Samurai put into killing Justice was missing his companion.

    Revenge: After watching his father being literally being slaughter, head cut off by Justice, a man who was seeking to be Number One and became Number One, Afro Samurai seeks revenge on him, and starts training as a boy to kill him. He even killed a bunch of "brothers" at his young age! And also interrupted a man while he was having sexual intercourse by asking the man if he knew where Number Two was. When he denied he didn't know, Afro Samurai killed him.

    The Dream Reader: Afro Samurai has dreams while Otsuru heals his wounds, about his past life and his training to fight to be Number One. He remembers what he has done and all the pain he has seen.

    The Clan of the Empty Seven: Afro Samurai has sex with Otsuru, after it, Otsuru confesses that she has told the Clan of the Empty Seven everything, and they made a cyborg clone of him. Now he has to fight the cyborg who is basically a reflection who is faster than the one it's reflecting, so Afro Samurai has to act unexpected.

    Duel: Afro has to fight several people to get to Number One, and he learns a lesson during it about choosing revenge over the people he love.

    Justice: Afro has to fight Jinno, a man who was turned into basically a machine to fight Afro. Jinno seems to have lived in pain, and was once a friend to Afro. After, Afro battles the man he has been waiting for, Jinno. He then begins to fight Jinno again, and the suspense begins..

    I recommend this movie to all anime lovers out there.
  • Afro Samurai follows a warrior on the path to avenge his father's murder. Set in feudal Japan, this anime series depicts a journey in which the hero encounters love, betrayal, loss and brutality.

    The story lines is simple and great!! I love the action that is involved in it, like for an MA 15+ tv series on MTV is pretty awesome!! Samuale L Jacson, is great at the animation voice over, however i didn't enjoy him in the "Snakes on a Plane" However i liked how they made fun of him on "Epic Movie" Ha ha ha!! That was funny!!

    Also Afro Sameria is given a big quest, but he doesn't think it is a big deal, until a kid is killed in action... Apart from the dubbing, i still like the show, i really enjoy... I recommend this tv seires who in wich likes animation viloence and gore!!!!!!!!
  • Pretty good but too short

    It contains sadism, flood of blood, and sex materials. It based on japanesse feodalism style. But in the storyline, only little amount of Japanesse culture shown here. It's more like a wild west show. Samuel L. Jackson as the voice actor didn't mean the series will succes. And This series has only five episodes. Technically, the quality is really good. but it's too dark. I must adjust the brightness on my TV to watch it clearly.(Or it's because my TV is in bad condition? O_o)
    The storyline is filled by battles. Lot of battles, and of course the battles are bloody. I don't this kind of fighting. Too much blood are terrifying.
    Overall result: Nonsense storyline, full of blood.
  • Pretty good...

    Afro Samurai is the story of a warrior in his journey to avenge his father.While young afro samurai witnessed the murder of his father by a criminal who wanted to obtain his father's headband, which would automatically make him the best warrior ever toexist.Now Afro has in his hands the second best's warrior headband the only item that can allow a mortal to challenge the number one warrior.Along his journey afro will face many vicious enemies, love, and in the end his father's murderer.In his journey he is accompanied by a mysterious man who has a passive role.Will afro be able to avenge his father by killing his murderer?
  • Not the best anime.

    Afro Samurai is about a warrior on the path to avenge his father's murder. When he was younger Afro saw his father killed by Justice the number 2 fighter. Since then he has set his goal on Justice and will not rest until he has klled him. This anime is ok but the best fights were when Justice killed Afro dad, Afro vs. Kuma, and Afro vs. robot Afro. The fight verse Justice ended too quickly and was the worst fight of the whole series. This anime featured good voices such as Samuel Jackson, Ron Perlman, and Kelly Hu. Set in feudal Japan but with cell phones.
  • Hmmm.

    Okay,let's start with... wow? I give it credit,you usually don't see African Americans in anime.Alright, it had some good fight scenes too. The plot was on the scale between okay and awesome. I didn't really like the drawing style, I'm one of those people that needs some eye candy when I watch things,and I did NOT find that here. Well,maybe the teddy bear guy,before he was the teddy bear guy. Ignoring those few good things, I'd call it more a disgrace to anime. To make things clear,I do still think it's worth a watch,whether to laugh at it,or see some flat out violence. You'll figure something out.
  • It has a good start, but when it end, you know that is nothing more than a show a below average.

    Character design: 5/10
    They have quite good designs but nothing expectacular, and some is just stupid or overdone and even maybe clichéd...

    Story/Script: 2.8/10
    Most of the script is just plain bad, and the story doesnt really have any great twist, but lucky for us, the show doesnt last that much to get you bored.

    Sound/music: 4/10
    Kinda cool, but most of times it doesnt really fits in the scene.

    Overall: 3.6/10
    The mix isnt okay, te problem wasnt the animation, the gore, or the five episodes long. It just isnt something "new"... saying that staring "Samuel Jackson" was a joke and a slap for some people after watching it and noticing that he has almost no line in the entire show, despite of being the main character.
    The gore may be extreme, and fan service for those who love it, but for other people it feels overdone, like they were trying to higlight it with stuff that at the end just didnt matter.


    Dont buy, dont rent it, just dont watch it, is a waste of money and most importantly: waste of time.
  • wow! thats all i can say! WOW!

    ok so watched Afro Samurai and i thought it was brillant! i wanted more but there was like whst only about 5 episode or something like that! i love the whole story behind it the love that lasted about a day or two! the blood the fights! its was perect idk if anyone agrees but it left me wanting some more! they need to make the story go on they have to!!! leaving it like that it hurts lol! anyways i think that they should make anime shows like this one! its brillant i think its more than brillant! well in my opinion
  • Afro Samurai is a Japanese dōjinshi manga series, created by Takashi Okazaki.It was adapted into a 5-episode anime television series directed by Fuminori Kizaki and produced by Japanese animation studio GONZO.

    Main Characters

    Afro Samurai

    Child Afro Voiced by: Crystal Scales
    The former holder of the title "Number Two," Afro is out to hunt down Justice, the man who killed his father for the rank of "Number One." From the time he was a child, Afro honed his skills as a swordsman; his style typically consists of wielding his sword with only his right hand while his left continues to hold on to his sheath, although during his fight with Jinno, he held his sword with both hands to compensate for Jinno's dual wielding speed. He is a very quiet individual, likely because the life of the "Number Two" does not allow him to have any close relationships with anyone, so when approached by others he says very little, if anything. Although he seems cold, he is still haunted by his memories and past relationships; Justice later remarks that Afro, like his father, is still "soft inside." He also has a fondness for lemonade. At the end of the series, he kills Justice and becomes the "Number One."

    Ninja Ninja

    "Ninja" is Afro's complete antithesis, talking constantly as well as smoking cigarettes. Usually saying aloud what Afro can't bring himself to say; generally, Afro refuses to respond to anything he says. Ninja Ninja speaks in stereotypical African American Vernacular English, with frequent use of profanity. As his name implies, he dresses in a ninja motif. He also seems to have a counter color scheme to Afro, while also having a similar frame and hair cut though he slouches when he walks. This can best be seen at the end of episode 2, where they are walking side by side after the fire. There are several clues throughout the show that point to Ninja Ninja being imaginary, such as Afro being the only one who speaks to him, his constant disappearing when Afro is not in combat or internal conflict, and the fact he is not hurt when Afro and him are knocked off a cliff by an RPG despite being next to each other. It is later shown in Episode 4 that Ninja Ninja first appeared suddenly when Afro lost his friends and loved ones while obtaining the Number Two headband. At the beginning of Episode 5, it is revealed that Ninja Ninja was the one that was "killed" by Kuma's strike; a symbolic way of showing that Afro has come to terms with the loss of his friends at this point in his journey. Also about halfway through the episode when Afro finally meets Justice again, Justice states that he watched him shed his imaginary friend (Ninja). Some people believe Ninja is a coward and simply hides when Afro is in combat. But that still does not explain why Afro is the only one who talks to him. It is worth noting that when Afro is being spied on by the Empty 7, Ninja is visible in the binoculars.

    Rokutaro (Afro's Father)

    Rokutaro was the "Number One" at the beginning of the series, who lost his title and life to Justice. How he attained the "Number One" headband, what he did during his time as "Number One", and how long he'd had it prior to Justice killing him remain unclear. According to Justice, it was Rokutaro's intention to end the headband wars by hiding the Number One headband but, having been defeated himself, the wars went on.


    A young woman who specializes in the art of healing, Otsuru is an excellent cook and adores fireworks. She is the one who discovered Afro in the shrine after he lost the Number Two headband as a boy, and took him to Sword Master's dojo where he befriended Jinno. When she is introduced as "Okiku," she has once again found Afro in a bad way (having been blown of a cliff by an RPG fired by "Brother 6"); she bandages him and takes him to her home to heal. Apparently, some time after the events at Sword Master's dojo, she became an agent working for "Brother 1" of the Empty 7 clan; assigned to copy Afro's memories for his unique combat techniques. She was also supposed to kill him should the opportunity ever present itself, but she finds herself unable to after spending a night with him. She remarks that she still thinks of him as the same innocent boy she knew so long ago, revealing to him that she is actually Otsuru. Brother 2 of the Empty 7 then kills her for failing to carry out her mission and betraying the Empty 7.

    Sword Master

    A one-eyed samurai who housed orphans and trained them to become warriors. When a young Afro first approaches him about the headbands, he receives a beating and is told by Sword Master that wearing the headbands leads to a life of murder, saying "We are born men in order to live, not to kill". Afro asks about the headbands again at dojo graduation, after hearing a rumor about Sword Master holding the Number Two Headband. The two meet alone underneath the Bodhi Tree outside the dojo, where Sword Master tells Afro he meant to take the secret to his grave. He then tells Afro to make a decision: forget avenging his father's death and live a normal life, or walk the path of the "Number Two". When a large group of thugs in search of the Number Two headband attacks the dojo, Sword Master fights them to show Afro just what it means to be "Number Two". After the battle is over, with all the thugs and most of the students dead, he goads Afro into killing him.


    A teenage student of Sword Master, and a friend to both Afro and Jinno. He wears a pair of glasses which are held to the face by string, similar to those worn in feudal Japan and late dynastic China. Though he graduated from swordsman school at the same time as Afro and Jinno, his skills are quite inferior to theirs (though he is seen killing two people in his final battle). During a flashback in the fourth episode, he is killed in the Midnight Battle Under The Bodie Tree after being impaled from behind.
  • "Cutting" and "edge" are the only two words I could use to summarize this show.

    If you're going into Afro Samurai expecting anything, be warned. I began watching it expecting only action and bloodshed, and I enjoyed a very pleasant experience. Action's the name of the game, and it's done extremely well. The animation is a little unusual, but spectacular nevertheless. The style fits with the general gangsta feeling of the show. On top of this, what happens in the fights is often so ridiculous that, with the right sense of humor, you'll be laughing hysterically. Afro is exceptionally skilled with his sword, and even cuts bullets in half - bullets that then shatter and proceed to tear apart all of his opponents behind him in a shower of blood. Some, including myself, think that's so out there it's just funny, while others might be offended or just think it's stupid. There's not much of a story. Dad died defending his title as Number One, the best fighter in the world, and Afro decides to avenge his father's loss. His life becomes one of training and killing, as several hundred warriors seek Afro's Number Two headband, which allows him to fight Number One.
    Plus there's Samuel L. Jackson. Always a plus.

    If it sounds like it might be the kind of show for you, it's definitely worth it to watch through the whole thing. After all, there are only 5 episodes! I'd definitely recommend it.

    Perhaps best known for having the involvement of actor Samuel L. Jackson starring in a major role in the series production, “Afro Samurai” presents an interesting and unique take on the samurai genre. And while putting all casting-hype aside, and with animation being done by popular Japanese studio Gonzo, its mixture of east meet west philosophies seem to set it apart from the anime norm, providing the viewer with an entertaining and somber tale of vengeance. The plot follows our relentless protagonist, who is only known throughout the land as the “Afro Samurai” (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson); a wandering soul who seeks vengeance for his father’s murder. You see, his father was the number one fighter in the world—that is until a warrior by the name of Justice mercilessly murders Afro’s father in a duel for the number one ranking. With Afro witnessing this horrific act, he abides to himself to dedicate his entire life to seek out and destroy Justice, thus ending his torment and despair. Along the way he garners many friends but even more foes, all who have the intent to stop him from reaching Justice. One friend in particular, whose name is “Ninja-Ninja” (also voiced by Jackson), is Afro’s tag-along partner who sees fit that he follow Afro until he reaches his destination. It’s a long and arduous journey that Afro must take…

    First off, the animation is absolutely stellar. From the exhausting life-or-death battles, which range from aerial sword duels to lightening fast gun showdowns, to the beautiful and visually stimulating environments, each animated sequence is a sight to behold. Animation studio Gonzo has recently become a front-runner in the realm of anime, providing articulate and mesmerizing animation for shows such as “Samurai 7”, “Blue Submarine No. 6”, “Gantz”, and “Blood+”. “Afro Samurai” is yet another stepping stone for the studio, and is most certainly their most accomplished show yet.

    With music production done by Wu-Tang Clan member/producer RZA, the surreal yet rhythmic nature of the soundtrack fits the show excellently. Best known for his contributions to the hip-hop world, RZA delightfully tries his hand at a number of innovative techniques that provide the show with a fascinating musical landscape that blends well with the series atmosphere and showcases RZA’s talent for constructing compositions that become not just a part of the show, but an essential element. And with voices talents such as Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Perlman, and Kelly Hu, how could you go wrong?

    “Afro Samurai”, in the very least, is a technical milestone in its ability to combine superb animation, awesome voice talent, and a well-composed musical score. And while just a tad light in the story department, and perhaps too much “ultra-violence” for its own good, “Afro Samurai” is still a marvel to behold. If this is the result when America and Japan combine forces to produce an anime, the phrase “more is better” definitely comes into mind. A dark and gloomy work of art, “Afro Samurai” is a definite recommendation.
  • about a samurai whos father was killed for his number 1 headband and his quest to kill the man who did it

    thought a short anime truly great the sword fighting in this anime is great also the voice talent is very good as well.another thing i enjoyed from this anime is the setting and the feeling and mood in the setting.also the anime had great characters my favorite being justice.overall i thnk this is a great anime that is definetly worth watching the whole thing even worth purchasing the dvd which might i add at the moment is the best selling anime dvd on u want to see a short thrilling overall fun anime to watch this is the anime for u.

    The Greatest Show I Have Ever Seen!!! Period That Is It. There is no show that i have ever seen that can surpass this. It has Everythin: extreme violence, intuitive plot, amazing animation and Samuel L. Jackson. Also this show has points in which is very funny. If you dont like this show you should be Shot. There is nothing, in my mind, that they didn't do right. The show was absolute perfection. And the fight scenes have you sitting on the edge of your seat for every moment of them. So overall I must reinterate, The Greatest Show I Have Ever Seen!!!
  • A great show.

    I anticipated Afro Samurai and watched the first episode on my computer on New Years Eve. I continued to watch all the episodes on my computer. Afro Samurai was defiantly one of the best shows I have watched the only complaint I have is that it was such a short show. I would like to see some more episodes even though Ninja Ninja my favorite character on the show died. I think that they could expand on the story and make at lest another season though I would rather it not come back that than coming back with a bad season.
  • Excellent

    The TV anime series is set in a "futuristic, yet feudal Japan," and stars a samurai named Afro for his hair. The story follows Afro as he tries to avenge his father's murder.[7] In the world of Afro Samurai, it is said that the one who becomes "Number One", will rule the world, wielding powers akin to a god. Someone becomes Number One by killing the previous Number One and taking his ceremonial headband. However, the only rule in this world is that only the "Number Two" (also designated by a sacred headband) is allowed to fight the "Number One." The downside of this is that anyone (and typically everyone) can challenge and try to kill the Number Two, to gain the right to move forward and challenge Number One. Afro Samurai's father was the old Number One, until he was challenged by a gunman, "Justice" (who was then Number Two), who fought him in a duel to become the new Number One. At the time the gunman challenged his father, Afro had only been a child. The gunman severed his father's head right in front of the young Afro. Now an adult, Afro Samurai is the current Number Two and a master swordsman; he travels the road looking for revenge on the current Number One who killed his father.
  • Not much to get excited about...

    For one thing i hate the way it looks!! For another thing the story pretty much goes no where so you could watch the first episode then the last and pretty much understand everything and most of it has to do with either blood or killing. This isnt a show for true anime fans! Its more of a show for people who watch the Spike channel. However if you like star trek i cant guarentee you will like this. I appreciate the little things in it like the voice acting but its nothing to get excited about. 6.0/10 is my final score!
  • A show about a man on a quest for revenge for the murder of his father and to fight for the number 1 headband

    Great show they should make more episodes because it made an awesome pilot they kept me thinking of the next episode until they made the show end i wish it would be a season or 2 and i hope they add formore charchters but other than that it was lots of blood and lots of head cutting of and lots of blood it was the best anime show i seen in a long time and i love it show much me and my friends did so they should make lots of episodes and i bought the shirt it was awesome
  • The action and animation are all there, but it should have been longer.

    Afro Samurai is the story of a black samurai traveling to some mountain to retrieve the headband stolen from his murdered father. On the way he has to fight a lot of people, including a robot version of himself and a guy with a teddy bear head, and he spills a lot of blood without even giving it a second thought.

    This series was pretty good, although most of the battles seemed a bit unexciting and too easy for Afro. It would have been better with a couple more episodes to flesh things out a bit more, some more intense battle sequences and maybe a couple more characters and a subplot or two.
  • A lone black Samurai goes on a quest for vengeance and the Number One headband.

    An awesome, action packet anime. Only 5 episodes. It uses classic and typical elements of samurai movies... like revenge and being the best... you know. Anyways, like I said it's short and has everything any good anime needs - sex, swearing, Samuel L. Jackson, black people, modern weapons in a more ancient world, and best of all, samurais! Check it out if you can.
  • When a kid sees his dad get killed by the number two fighter of the world that very man becomes the best in the world so the kids runs away hoping on one day to get his revengeon the man who killed his father he wants so bad he gave up a new life for it

    this show is very good the problem is that it is very very short season. But the way the whol season wen't about i woundln't expect it to be shor ton how it went. Don't get me worng people the show had a great story and the animation was fantastic. A show deffenetly not for the young people. The whole Ancient headband sorty was very clevery done. But some of the things went really over board of crouse i'm not going to anything to spoil a person who hasen't watch it yet. all i'm saying is the season is good just with a bit work to make it longer and even better than it was.
  • It's all you could ever want in a show packed into one half hour of awesomeness.

    Afro Samurai is a new show on Spike TV starring Samuel L. Jackson. If that's not reason enough to watch it, it's unique style and sheer entertainment has to be. Afro Smurai is the definition of action-packed television. I couldn't even believe most of what I saw while watching it. The characters compliment eachother well. Most specifically, the main character, Afro, and his sidekick/friend, Ninja Ninja. While Afro is the strong, silent type who won't say two words before a fight, you can be sure Ninja Ninja will. As a matter of fact, he doesn't stop talking, accept when Afro speaks to him, usually saying "Shut Up." This doesn't stop him from being hilarious though. The storyline is simple so far but interesting. It can only get better from here so I give Afro Samurai a 10 out of 10. But, if you don't like blood and gore, stay away from this show.
  • Some guy wants to get a headband that says 'number one'.

    WHAT THE HELL? This is so lame it's a sin to the name of anime. I watched it once and the over detailed anime just turned me off. Black people DO NOT look like that! Whoever made this anime needs to get a life, get a grip, and get off tv. Seriously. What the hell is the plot of this story anyway. Guy wants to get a headband that says number one? Wow..I'm enthralled. (Heavy sarcasm being used here...) This is completely bogus,A pimple on the face of anmation my advice, Do not watch this thing,'ll give you brain cancer...
  • An original and entertaining anime.

    "Afro Samurai" is truly a remarkable show, with its own version of the jidagaki genre, and mixed of hip-hop, the anime shows it can be original and at the same time, be worthy to watch.

    The show revolves around the title character of the show, whom, as a young boy, witness the death of his father in the hands of an infamous gunman name Justice. After years of training and experience, Afro, now a grown man, and with his father's sword and the number 2 headband, makes a journey to kill Justice and avenge his father, killing other opponents along the way.

    In spite of being a miniseries, Afro Samurai has quickly become one of the few new shows this year has to offer.
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