Afro Samurai

Spike TV (ended 2008)


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  • I needa get out of my dorm and stop watching this.

    I got this from Netflix because I heard a few refrences to it so I decided to check it out and I have watched it 3 times already. This is just absolutely amazing. The animation is incredible though every once in a while you can tell that they're reusing the same poses over and over again. And the storyline behind this is mouth watering. You have a good old fashioned "get revenge for my father" type of thing here and I must say that the script writing and voice acting were my favorite parts. I mean really you have Samuel L. Jackson(Afro, Ninja Ninja), Kelly Hu(Okiku), Ron Perlman(Justice), John DiMaggio(Brother #2, Giant, Ivanov, Patron #2), Phil LaMarr(Brother #1, Brother #3, Brother #5, Kuro, Teen Afro Samurai), and Dave Wittenburg(Assassin, Matasaburo, Patron #3, Punk). That my friends is the ultimate line up of voice actors. One thing you'll notice is how Ninja Ninja annoyingly likes to keep complaining about an enemy Afro's about to face even though it's obvious our hero will win. Now this show has like a battle or 2 per episode kinda thing so the battles are rather short especially when they have to bunch it in with the back-story. I would definitely say for you to go out and buy it and see for yourself how amazing this thing is. I swear you will take this thing home, watch it like 5 times,go back to the store and marry the person who sold you Afro Samurai. I hear they're coming out with a season 2 wich I will most definitely pick up and an Afro Samurai game for the 360 and the PS3.

    Qouting from Ninja Ninja just after he dies "Man, it was the bomb hanging out with you, Afro Samurai."
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