Afro Samurai

Spike TV (ended 2008)


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  • A quick and dirty masterpiece. You just can't beat Afro Samurai. Definitely my favorite TV Show.

    MAN this was a fantastic show. However, I can understand how some would dislike its style. Let's break it down here for a sec:

    Superior rap/R&B music
    Superior animating
    Superior action and violence
    Moving plot that IS genuinely fresh
    Deep characters
    Samuel "I hate motherf*cking snakes!" Jackson
    Far-out setting
    Interesting moral dilemmas
    Ron Perlman
    Superior special effects
    Nice sex scene
    Awesome all around ideas

    There aren't any real cons to the show, per se, but there are certain people who won't appreciate its beauty for specific reasons. These aren't bad people, they just lack a thirst for blood and/or good taste.

    Possible cons:
    Simplistic dialogue (The dialogue is simplistic, but deep at the same time. No wasted breath, as there is in a lot of anime)
    Short (5 episodes. It IS a mini-series...)
    Rap (If you absolutely HATE rap, you won't like this show... Learn to expand you horizons people!)
    Too much violence (If you're a pacifist/squeamish)
    Racial diversity (If you're an effing racist and hate black people. You aren't an effing racist, are you?)
    Ninja Ninja (He IS annoying, but that's kinda the point)