Afro Samurai

Spike TV (ended 2008)


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  • Even if Afro Samurai is a short liver with a quirky storyline. The show will make you laugh in pain like it's entertaining.

    Samurais of Japan are one of the more notorious fighters on the warriors list. Their weapons and intelect can be used as key tools to prevail in the toughest battles. But a black, afro-headed samurai is a different story. Afro Samurai is the show that seems to have that eccentric mixture with Feudal Japan, Hip-hop, and Sci-fi. Starring voice actors and famous ones, Samuel L. Jackson, and anime voice actor Yuri Lowenthal: known for his role in Naruto's character Sasuke. But this is an anime that means "put your little ones to bed." The story is a bit cliched, yet simple walkthrough that follows our swift and aware Afro Samurai. Who witnesses his father get beheaded by Justice, the Western inspired gun-slinger. As Afro is haunted by is memories of his fathers death, he is pushed to the peak of revenge against the killer of his father. The introduction of the first episode is an early demonstration to the plot, but this is so far the best intro I've seen, which begins with two fast, gory fights. For a little heads-up with the plot, Afro is the wearer of the #2 Headband, but anyone who wears the headband would be challenged by any warrior in the world for the #2 title. But the name for #1 would make a samurai hold the "God"-like status of the world. Afro Samurai, voiced by actor Samuel L. jackson, rarely does very much talking. While on his quest for revenge, Afro doesn't have to go at it alone. Who is followed by his obnoxious, imaginary friend Ninja-Ninja. The voice-acting is very terrific, making this the best anime to have incredible voice casts. The voices aren't the only thing that adds to the the sound appeal of the show. RZA's, or Wu-Tang, album just puts the show into a massive break down with some hot tracks including Certified Samurai, Fury In My Eyes, and other fat beat contained songs.

    The action is 90% percent solid. The second episode has some, but within Afros flashback, is a back-up treat. Every episode is based on half of Afros past, the other is present life. The fights are a little hard to see at times, but they are a pure masterpiece.

    With a five long episode run, Afro Samurai has made itself the second-shortest show to run. But despite the character art, the atmosphere doesn't look Japanese-made. It is made in Japan, but there was a huge reason of the short delay: a million dollars each episode,along with everything great within each episode.

    Afro Samurai is a short ride with a simple story. But the action, voice-acting, and soundtrack is something you will remember for years. We just hope there is another show with similar action in the future. Even if Afro Samurai is a mature oriented show, it is something that will always live up to in its anime genre.