Afro Samurai

Season 1 Episode 2

The Dream Reader

Aired Thursday 11:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on Spike TV

Episode Recap

Young Afro is seen running from bandits who want to take the #2 headband from him. They run him down and take the headband by force, along with desecrating the remains of his father that he was carrying. When they're done teasing the boy they throw him into a nearby shrine and seriously injure him. Present-day Afro is seen safe, wrapped in bandages, badly injured, and unconscious.

Otsuru finds Afro in the shrine, bleedy profusely, and then calls Jinno so that they can get him out. Jinno then calls his Master to tell him that the boy is actually not dead. They bring him back to their dojo to allow his body to heal. The Dojo Master tells Afro that they are all "wounded orphans" and that he stay as long as he wants. Ninja comes down to annoy Afro, once again, while he is eating his food. The unwanted sidekick talks about Okiku and how he would love to have found a women like her. He soon gets scared away by Afro's zero tolerance mood.

Jinno and the other students go to the river, accompanied by Afro and Otsuru, to catch some fish. Afro wakes up and then Okiku comes in to apply medicine to his wounds. She tells Afro that she plans to make her special fish for him since he is feeling better. Afro falls asleep again while she talks.

Young Afro is seen practicing his swordplay with the others at the dojo. Later in the day, him and Jinno are out on a bridge attempting to sell fresh vegetables. Two men passing by are in mid-conversation about a rumor of the #2 being in town. Afro decides to run back to the temple, grab his sword, and get as much information from this man as possible.

Afro tracks the man down to a brothel further into town. He asks the man directly about the #2 with no answer, so he cuts his arm. He then slits the man's neck when he attempts to shoot him. Assuming he was dead, Afro slowly walks away only to find that he is still alive. The half-dead man teaches him a vital lesson of killing, before shooting himself, in his last dying breathes, "When you fight to kill, finish the job."

A robot ninja in the attic of the house is seen spying on Afro from above while he is on the phone with Brother #1. Before he can get a chance to attack his prey, Afro sneaks up behind him and pulls his head off. Okiku goes into Afro's room to tell him that dinner is ready. Afro explains to Okiku that he plans to leave the next day, but she convinces him to stay for another day.

The dojo master explains to Young Afro what it really means to be the #2. Soon after, the friends and brothers of the man Afro almost killed come back for revenge. Afro skillfully takes out most of his opponents, until his friends distract him. Just as the last bandit stands over the boy, ready to strike, a spear flies past his face and takes of his right ear. When the man goes to kill the other children Afro takes his chance and attacks. Before he beheads his victim, he interrogates him for some last minute information on the #2 only to find out that there is a new #2.

Afro is seen practicing his sword skills in a forest of bamboo. On the sidelines, Okiku is seen under the waterfall talking to someone on the phone. She is startled by the samurai's sudden appearence, once he leaves she continues her conversation with Brother #1 of the Empty Seven Clan. Ninja and Afro have a heart to heart talk about Afro hiding his feelings.

After watching the fireworks, Okiku and Afro decide to have a sensual interaction. Okiku is seen in the attic transferring the data, she stole from Afro's dreams, from her phone to a microchip. She reveals her plan to Afro, who appears out of nowhere, along with the fact that she has joined the Empty Seven Clan. She continues to reveal that her real name is Otsuru, the same girl he met at the start of his journey. Just then, the Empty Seven's robot ninjas move on the house.

Okiku decides to distract them so that Afro can get away. Unfortunately, she is distracted by feelings and is killed when Brother #1 thrusts his staff through the roof of the house. The monks and their robot ninjas escape with the data, but not before Brother #6 burns down the house. Ninja picks up Okiku's comb as a souvenir as him and Afro walk into the night.