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After the Catch will be back for a 2nd season

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    After the Catch will be back for a 2nd season, this was posted over at the Wizard's forums by the user Mystic:

    Ebb & Flow: Big returns for Gloucester this spring

    By Peter K. Prybot
    Special to the Times

    Along the Gloucester waterfront, people have brought back a business and a boat already in 2008. And a cable TV channel responsible for a top-rated show last year will bring a return of national attention to Gloucester.

    Back in the spotlight

    Gloucester will soon have its celebrity fishing captains as the Bering Sea crab fishery already does, and the port will be put back into the national spotlight as "The Perfect Storm" book and movie did several years ago.

    A phone call from Paul Gasek, executive producer of the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" series, to Times Editor Ray Lamont in March started the process. The Discovery Channel chose to film its "After the Catch II" series here, with the plan of bringing "our captains, including Sig Hansen, Phil Harris, Keith Colburn, and Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand, along with some of their crew to Gloucester to visit their eastern counterparts for a roundtable discussion at a barroom frequented by fishermen," Gasek explained.

    "Choosing Gloucester was my idea," he added. "The Discovery Channel wanted to go to a real historic fishing port," said Gasek, a former tub-trawl fisherman who worked out of Chatham and landed his fish in Gloucester.

    Based on my knowledge of the local fishing industry and the people behind it, Lamont directed Gasek to me. Gasek and I soon toured the waterfront along with several of the port's favorite watering holes. He was also given a list of local fishing captain candidates who were chosen in part for their experience and ability to perform in front of a camera.

    I later met again with Gasek and people, including producer Mark Fortgang, assisting with the show from Original Productions of Burbank, Calif., and Silent Crow Arts of New York. They had already chosen Jimmy Pratt's Pratty's CAV along Parker Street, but didn't know who to contact. I knew just the person: Jack Magner, a long-time Pratty's CAV family member. Jack quickly lined up everything.

    The Gloucester captain candidates have since been interviewed and taped.

    "They were great," Fortgang said. Five "After The Catch II" shows, which will include individual interviews with the local captains, will be taped in early June.

    Stay tuned for their identities. The shows will air on five consecutive Tuesdays beginning June 10.

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