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Episodes for the new season

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    The new episodes for the new season:

    Episode 1: June 17th: Legends

    Revisit the legendary moments from season four of Deadliest Catch and hear some new tales from the captains, their Gloucester comrades, author Spike Walker, and one of Catch's legendary cameramen.

    Episode 2: June 24th. Brothers

    The captains and crews share their take on family, traditions, and a passion for fishing. They admit to rivalries and jealousies between blood brothers and to the love and respect that keeps them working side by side.

    Episode 3: July 1. Emergency

    The captains and crew recall some incredibly close calls and examine some of the missteps and mishaps that can lead to a life-threatening emergency. A Catch cameraman stationed with the Coast Guard shares his amazing rescue footage.

    Episode 4: July 8th. Deckhands

    Greenhorn and veteran deckhands share their first crabbing experience, crewing under crazy captains, and their best pranks from the King Crab and Opilio Crab seasons.

    Episode 5: July 1th. Real Life

    Captain Phil recounts his health crisis during the Opilio Crab season. The skippers talk about the difficulties of raising a family and maintaining relationships while at sea. They'll share some of the things they do when they're not fishing.

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