After the Catch

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered May 29, 2007 In Season





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  • Tonight's show was hard, my heart goes out to Josh, we all miss Captain Phil. He is going to be fine though, he is a lot like his dad, and I see him stepping up. The coast guard guy was a great add too!

    I love how everyone can recap in their view of the season. It is a great show, thank you all! Tonight you had a coast guard rescue guy on, I wish you had on someone they actually rescued, so that they could share their experience. My nephew Chad Smith was the one they rescued this season off one of the ships up there, he was the one who had a heart attack. He is doing well! Thanks for the great shows, it makes us all feel like family, and keeping update on our family up there in Alaska, truly awesome!
  • A great supplement to the already great material from Deadliest Catch.

    After the Catch is a mini-series that offers a different point of view of what we seen in Deadliest Catch and the best way that I can describe this mini-series, is a supplement to what we all have seen in Deadliest Catch, much akin to reading a behind the scene novel or TV special that is about the making a movie. Which offers some different point of view of what we have seen, and I always found in it interesting to hear what the is said from the people that are involved with a particular series, either it be police, fire fighters, military person, and now commercial fishing. Like the what they think it is good about it and what is bad about it.

    But, while it good on the content, it dose suffer with the fact that it was something new that Discovery is doing and because of that there are problems, like the fact that captains talk over each other while they are trying to telling their stories. While that happens in real life with people talk to each other, it dose not translate well on TV, for the viewer wants to heard every detail of their stories, in an enjoyable way, where one has to stain to listen. I personally think that Discovery should kept this, because what we saw in the four episodes was only the tip of the iceberg of the ton of source material that could be used in different episodes. While, I did like seeing and hearing the stories from the crews of the Time Bandit, Northwestern, and Cornelia Marie, which ironically are the most popular boats among various different boats that have been featured over the past three years. I would like to hear stories from the other boats, like the Rollo, Saga, Lady Alaska, and the Farwest Leader, because I have funny feelings that they also got some real good stories to tell to the people that would like to listen to what they got to say.
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