Afterlife (2006)

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Afterlife (2006)
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Afterlife is a paranormal thriller television series about a woman named Alison Mundy. She is a reluctant medium, troubled by her gift. During a clairvoyant evening she encounters university lecturer and psychologist Robert Bridge. Robert decides to research her for a book he is writing and with a view to "curing" her, as he believes that all mediums are either charlatans or delusional. Unfortunately for him Alison is the real thing and exposes him to things which no matter how hard he tries he cannot explain away with his science. Worse is to come, in that Alison is seeing visions of Robert's dead son, who was killed in a car accident. The psychologist is in denial, but his beliefs are tested to the limit, when he and Alison are involved in a stance that Alison may be unable to survive.

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Drama, Suspense


Thrillers, Paranormal, British TV