Afterlife (2006)

Season 2 Episode 8

A Name Written In Water

Aired Saturday 9:10 PM Nov 11, 2006 on ITV

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  • In this episode we finally see what happens to Robert, he either dies or lives. We also find out what Allison really thinks about Robert

    This episode really got me from the beginning. It really was a tearjerker. Robert dies and we find out that Allison does love him. I really wish there is going to be a season 3, but considering the fact that Robert is dead, who is going to be in the season 3 that will be as good as Robert was, i really dont see why Robert had to die.

    Apart from that i am already too excited to do anything except wait for the Season 3.

    This episode for me is the best because it shows their fears and their Love. Robert did not say he loved Allison, but i am sure he did love her, maybe the ironic part might be he did not know, but i am sure he must have known, i really cant wait for the season 3 i hope it will begin soon.