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  • Such A Brilliant Show! Wish It Didn't End!

    I just LOVE LOVE this show! this would be my 3rd time now watching the 14 episodes, i wish there were more than 14 and i wish there were more seasons, it's such an enchanting show that makes you wonder and fills you with questions, i already believe in the afterlife and that we are spirits when we pass on, i've had my own experiences that some people would see as insainity but is it so hard to believe some people are aloud to know such knoldge about the afterlife?, does it make people feel less adequate as a human being if they aren't chosen to know some things about it? why some people but not others?, well... first i think it requires more of an open mind, i;ve had experiences to confirm that it depends on your fear, your reaction to the spirits, if you want to hewr and see them or not (i definitely don;t), but i'm open other ways though the mind, they pick up on that, sometimes i feel them there but mostly it's just up to them, it really is, most spirits that wonder choose not to bother anyone because they are just visiting, of course again some people will think i'm insane lol. God i miss the show SO SO MUCH! the theme tune is so enchanting too i love it.
  • Think 'Medium' as written by a group of northern UK people trapped in an office with only a couple of pork pies and one bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale between them.

    The show is terrific - largely due to not only the writing, but the central performances by Andrew Lincoln and the superlative Lesley Sharp. It's very interesting, because Lesley acts without appearing to; she has a knack of drawing you in to what is really a very ordinary character with an extraordinary prowess. And she doesn't like it. This is no 'wow isn't having these powers terrific' show. For the most part she hates it. Lesley is totally convincing in the part.

    There is a real knack to doing ordinary,whilst being extraordinary at the same time.

    I haven't seen the entire two series yet, but what I have seen is perfectly pitched; the roles are played to perfection and there's a healthy cynicism going on, which goes beyond the slickness of Mulder & Scully and into something mundane yet real and more believable.

    Plus it also shows what the pressures must be if you do have this 'gift' of being able to see and interact with the spirit world.

    Great show; great acting and great to watch.
  • I am totally gripped when I watch this show. The power of suggestion is a fabulous thing and Afterlife does just that. Who needs special effects with character interaction and the power of suggestion that this show has...

    If you like your mind challenged and you prefer to be scared by the power of suggestion rather than gimmicky special effects, then this is the show for you.

    Don't get me wrong, I love special effects and all that, but, sometimes, less is more, if you know what I mean.

    The acting in this programme is tremendous and the storylines always surprise me. I am generally left blown away after each episode. I love supernatural shows like medium and ghost whisperer, but this show is just thought-provoking to the extreme and I have to admit, it's a guilty pleasure even though the subject matter is often terriby sad...
  • Afterlife.. is there life after..?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this series from start to end..

    At first i thought this was going to be just like all the other shows about
    mediums and things that go bump in the night..
    im so glad im wrong..

    There are no fancy effects like you see in for example Heroes or The 4400
    and its as if the story could be taking place in your street or to the woman
    next door..

    As the series continues the relationship between Alison and Robert grows
    stronger adding to the last episodes brilliant conclusion..

    I was a little upset there were only two series, but i realised that any more
    would be stretching it a bit..

    I love this program, i was totally moved by it.. and still am..
  • some spooky episodes

    im interseted in the afterlife and spooky shows, so was always going to tune into this show. i found it a decent show, some episodes were stronger than others, but id reccomend you give the show i try. there are some spooky episodes, and the two lead characters turn in great performances. therse good chemisrty between the actors and most of the storylines are good and moving. the series revolves around alison mundy, an medium who is troubled by her gift and is often visted by the dead, she is being accompanied by robert bridge, an university lecturer who is scepitcal about all mediums and who wants to research alison for a book he is writing.
  • Leaden script and waste of good actors..

    The very first episode started with great promise, I was impressed with the heart-warming family Christmas scenario unfolding into what was in fact a suicide pact. That was all before the titles and unfortunately the promising beginning was merely entrapment.
    It's such a pity that two such great actors are wasted on this leaden balloon. Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln's performances seem to suffer detrimentally at the hands of this script; Sharp's psycic all Ham and Panto and Lincoln sleep-walking through his performance. If the producers had hoped to recreate the sort of odd couple chemistry of Mulder and Scully they failed miserably. What this drama mainly lacks is the dose of wry humour that is exemplefied so well in the far superior Ghost Whisperer and Medium (both US imprts- do they perhaps have that magic formula over there?).
    Afterlife is predictable and about as scary as Rentaghost- sorry!
  • A really great show on any terms. The acting is top notch and the stories are well plotted and engaging.

    I was hooked the first time I caught an episode of this show. I was so glad they brought it back for a second series. Although it aired first I find Medium quite pale when compared to Afterlife. I find the storyline in Afterlife much more engaging and although I like Patricia Arquette as an actress, I find Lesley Sharp much more believable in this role because of the depth she brings to the character of Alison.

    If you prefer dark and gritty shows about the paranormal do yourself a favor and do whatever you have to do to catch this show, you won’t be disappointed.

    This show is really good! It\'s sispensing at times, and has a great story line in all of the episodes. It\'s very enjoyable to watch. I only saw the first season, i\'m not sure if there is more but i hope there is.

    I would recommend it to anyone who likes ghosty and mysterious kind of films. Anyone would love it if they watch it. I loved it the first time and i really want more episodes to be on.

  • Dark, paranormal subject matter, drama

    Afterlife has good character development, wonderful stories, great cinematography. It's a beauty to watch and very compelling. Alison's reaction to her gift is entirely believable in that she is at times afraid, aprehensive, depressed, resigning and sometimes accepting. Robert as the skeptic with his own life difficulties makes for friction between the two characters, yet his skeptism is what ultimately spurs his investigation further. Deep down, he accepts more that he rejects and the struggle within is very apparent on screen. Hollywood should cotton on to what makes drama GREAT! Bravo to Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln.
  • Cult Classic in the making.

    Afterlife is currently listed as a mini series and I am torn between whether I wish ITV would commission it as a full series or just leave it after it completes its run. I really think it has been superb and would hate to see them spoil it; that and I have a feeling over how it is going to end up that might prevent a returning series but I'm not going to say anything about that in case it turns out to be a spoiler.

    Afterlife is a rarity in British Television this days - an original, entertaining and sometimes quite chilling TV series.

    In Alison Munday, it has a compelling believable character, a woman desperate trying to meet her responsibilites while at the same time loathing the path that destiny seems to have chosen for her. She seems permanently on the verge of a break down and each week another tiny yet telling facet of her personality is revealed.

    Equally fragile is Robert - struggling to cope with personal tragedy, running on autopilot, and yet still trying to help Alison while at the same time doubting her beliefs.

    It is a stunning TV series and one I will definitely be buying on DVD when it comes out.