Afterlife (2006)

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  • Leaden script and waste of good actors..

    The very first episode started with great promise, I was impressed with the heart-warming family Christmas scenario unfolding into what was in fact a suicide pact. That was all before the titles and unfortunately the promising beginning was merely entrapment.
    It's such a pity that two such great actors are wasted on this leaden balloon. Lesley Sharp and Andrew Lincoln's performances seem to suffer detrimentally at the hands of this script; Sharp's psycic all Ham and Panto and Lincoln sleep-walking through his performance. If the producers had hoped to recreate the sort of odd couple chemistry of Mulder and Scully they failed miserably. What this drama mainly lacks is the dose of wry humour that is exemplefied so well in the far superior Ghost Whisperer and Medium (both US imprts- do they perhaps have that magic formula over there?).
    Afterlife is predictable and about as scary as Rentaghost- sorry!