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    A tired old comedy series which went on too long finally ended; so take the bright idea of taking three characthers {not main ones of course} and keep the old premise of a con man; a old regualr and a priest in the aftermath of a Forgotten War-Plus an updated Hawkeye {Minus his drinking} plus a moronic adminstrator even Worse than frank Burns and the result is nothing!
  • One season of progressive storylines followed by one season of utter fail. For what it was in its best moments, for what it could have been, it will not be hated by those who seek it out. But for how it fell in the last eight episodes, it will be pitied.

    The story goes that most of the cast of MASH wanted to shut it down after S10, but three vehemently wanted it to continue, as did CBS. The compromise found was S11, complete with a grand finale, which also laid the ground for AfterMASH.

    In the first season, AfterMASH went where you'd think a MASH sequel would go. In the worthy first ep, Potter and his wife have an encounter with a disturbed kid from the veterans' hospital Potter now works at, one who thinks the former Colonel will send him back to Korea. We find that Klinger and his war bride Soon-Lee have hit hard times since finding her family in Korea, and need a hand up from the Potters. Even the Padre is in the doldrums, his hearing loss from the MASH finale (which is mostly corrected later on) driving him to drink. Some tough stuff early on, and the travails don't end there. Potter deals with his boss, a goofy Admin for the hospital who seems to regard spending money on their shell-shocked patients as treason. Soon-Lee has some trouble adjusting to life in America, which causes Max some troubles in turn. The Padre actually gets cheated by the bureaucracy for the cost of his operation, but begins a crusade to find loopholes for other patients similarly blocked. In a tender Thanksgiving episode, Soon-Lee announces her pregnancy while Max's once-estranged family embraces them both. In the same ep, Potter's son and daughter-in-law borrow money to start some newfangled business called a laundromat, while Potter's grandson asks a disabled soldier about his missing leg, a lesson Potter wants him to learn. Add in the return of Gary Burghoff as Radar for two episodes, and the wonderful performance of Barbara Townsend as the Mildred Potter we always imagined, and so much of the first season rocked.

    But even in that time, there was a problem. The supporting characters were either derivative of older MASH characters or annoying uses of screen time. We didn't know these people, and we didn't want to. Even if they had taken all their plot time and given it to something as silly as Mac Stevenson playing Henry's ghost walking the halls of General Pershing Veterans' Hospital, it still would have worked better. What's more, the plot with Potter answering to someone else seemed novel, but basically took the air out of the character. Then came S2. It lasted only eight episodes, and wrecked everything. A show that could have lasted five seasons died on the vine, just after its first good harvest. Every bit of character development Max had since taking over for Radar vanished. Potter now had a wily scheming Admin as his boss, and now the annoying Alma Cox as his secretary, with Mrs. Potter now played by Anne Pitoniak as an air-headed shrewish moron, a sharp army wife becoming a doddering idiot. Soon-Lee devolved into a crying immigrant caricature, a waste of later Star Trek alum Rosalind Chao's talents.

    The first season took all the goodwill left over from MASH and ran with the ball to score an early touchdown. The second season squandered every last bit of that and only guaranteed there would be no third season and that AfterMASH would remain a curiosity some people don't even know existed.
  • A good show about (part of) the M*A*S*H*

    I think it would have been better with Hawkeye, but it was still a pretty good show. A little early though. If it would have come later, then it probably would have been more appriciated. I have not seeb nany epis, but from what I know it is a great show. Mostly good, worth your time and pretty good plotlines. Same kind of humor is used, so it is kinda reminiscent of M*A*S*H*. Kinda fun seeing the characters again. I was suprised to see all the negative reviews and ratings. Not the best show and would have liked more ofthe original characters, but still. It's kinda like M*A*S*H*. You still knew what you were watching.
  • Released shortly after the demise of everyone's favorite long running Korean war based sit-com, After MASH came a little too soon and failed to offer enough of the old MASH we all knew and loved.

    MASH was a show that grew and changed with the times. Based on the outrageously funny movie of the same name, the show began as a real continuation of its big screen basis; filled with the slap stick antics of Hawkeye and Trapper John as they fought the establishment and tried to stay sane. Those first shows bear only a passing resemblance to the insightful, sensitive but still witty shows that came towards the end of the series. Clearly more than the sum of its parts, MASH was special and any sequel would have to be too.

    "After MASH" could have been a good continuation of MASH's legacy but came too soon after the original went off the air. Moreover, the ensamble cast that MASH had built up and fleshed out over the years was almost totaly stripped away and only three characters managed to make it to the sequel. Without any of the old favorites on board, and none of the counter culture humor that MASH was built upon, After MASH died quickly.

    Frankly, I don't think the show was a real stinker in its own right so I won't slam it. I think the shows I saw were all good enough, but they did fail to measure up to the originals. In a time when the original series was still very fresh in everyone's minds, and still regularly being viewed in syndication, anything less worthy with the MASH name attached to it was doomed to failure.

    Would I like to see a MASH reunion? Yes, as a one time reunion featuring all of the characters as they have aged, but not as a series. The original was good enough so I don't think we can or need to go back.
  • Why God, Oh why, did they make a sequel to M*A*S*H* ??

    Next on my "Ill Conceived Sequels that Tried to Milk Every Last Dime from a Classic TV Show Tour 2007" is AfterMASH.

    When M*A*SH* ended after so many years with that classic scene where Hawkeye looks down from a helicopter to see GOODBYE that BJ spelled with rocks, that should have been the end of it...

    But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they couldnt leave well enough alone and ended up with this dried up husk of show featuring Colonel Potter, Klinger and Mulcahy. Amazingly enough it limped into a second season before the axe fell on it. All copies of this should be gathered up and launched into the Sun - never to be see again.

    For the reason they tried to milk a classic with a vapid sequel - I award AfterMASH, which left a bad AfterTASTE in my mouth, a 1.0.
  • I don't remember it much, but without pierce it had to have been great.

    I would have loved that show, I think I have seen it but just forgot. I would love for them bring it back so I can see it again. It has most of the characters I liked, and left out the people I didn't like the whiny liberal pierce. I think that was a great idea showing what they did after the war. The last episode of Mash Potter was going to retire, but you know that character isn't the kind of guy to retire. I would love to see it again, because it sounds like it could have been just as good as Mash, if not better. I wish I could remember this show more.
  • I can't say it's my favorite.

    it's a good show, this show tryed to bring back mash, and that's what makes it a good show they have some of the old characters from the first mash, and I can't say much about it cause I never really saw it, but if they showed reruns I would have watched it, they should be thanked for making mash last a little longer, it sounds good.
  • this was a bad idea

    i was really young when this show came out. like 8 or 9, but i was still old enough to know, that mash was way beyond it's prime. i was probably on 4 or 5 seasons too long. then some genius came up with an even dumber idea. aftermash, why dear god why? of course most people only got three channels in those days, so i guess i shouldn't be suprised it lasted a while at least.
  • Someone bring this show back!

    Although I was very young when the show aired and can only remember it vaguely, I do remember it being a welcomed replacement for the loss of MASH. The current syndication contract for MASH is held by the Hallmark Channel. It would be quite nice if the network would see its way clear to bring this show out of mothballs.