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Lifetime (ended 2011)





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  • Awsome

    I love this show they keep talking off to many good shows why don't they take off the reality shows their a waste of tv time.
  • love it

    I enjoyed watching this show. I hope they return next season. To many good shows are taking off the air and all that stupid reality shows remain. I love the story line with Abby and her folks and her professional side. Tuff but sweet
  • Superb, from the writing to the acting it has been amazing.


    I've really enjoyed Against the Wall, everything from the characters to the story lines are well written and developed. Its obviously a pretty basic cop show at its core, though that happens to be one of the reasons I like it. They do a good job of balancing out the main character's, Abby, storyline between her personal life and her cases. I like the family dynamic because it makes it more interesting. I've been a huge fan of Abby and Brody, Abby's brother's partner, since the beginning. I think they have great chemistry. I'm not a huge fan of the other love interest, the lawyer, I think he's the opposite of what Abby needs. He's the safe option, while Brody is the wild one. The Abby's brothers are interesting too and I'd like them to expand on her relationship with each one. There are a great number of funny and sexy scenes, thrown in with the serious cop cases. I'd recommend this to fans of Law & Order, NCIS, Criminal Minds, The Closer, and Rizzioli and Isles. Its very character driven but has great individual stories in each episode. Watch at least to the third episode because its really getting on a role and is quite addictive! Give it a try, its worth it!

  • Actually pretty good


    My curiosity about this show was peaked when I kept seeing promos for it, on and off the Lifetime channel, so I sat down to watch it when it premiered and was pleasantly surprised. It's a show about a woman who goes to Internal Affairs when her three older brothers and father are all blue-collar cops. I know nothing about law enforcement but I still got into this show. The crime drama stuff is there for people who like that, and the family dynamic is there for people for don't. The woman and her brothers and her parents all seem like they could be a real family which makes it fun to watch. Everything so far has been in the realm of believability which makes it really fun to watch. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd recommend you check it out. It might surprise you!

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