Against The Wall - Season 1

Lifetime (ended 2011)




Episode Guide


  • We Protect Our Own
    Episode 13

    Don may find his past casesscrutinized as Abby and Lina investigate his former partner Paul, for the attempted murder of his wife. Meanwhile, Lina is worried about the working relationship she and Abby have but is wondering if the relationship will change due to the upcoming birth of her baby. Abby's relationship with Danny and Brody begins to heat up as both continue to compete for her.

  • Second Chances
    Episode 12

    Don is worried about his wife's decision to hire local convicts to work in her bakery and what consequences they could possibly pose for the family. Abby and Lina have to figure out what went wrong with a hazing at a recruitment academy in Chicago.

  • 10/16/11

    Lina andAbby look into why a Chicago police officer killed himself. They also look into see ifa department Chaplin's troubles are connected to the death of the police officer. Abby is having A surprise birthday party but the people behind the party don't know whether to invite one or both of her dates.

  • Boys Are Back
    Episode 10

    Lina & Abby wonder why a girl was trampled during a happy occasion that took place at an annual convention. Also just as they begin to investigate that case of another investigation has Abby and Lina wondering why a detective is falling from a balcony.

    Don gets uncomfortable when he sees Mackie in a relationship with someone who may have a questionable past

  • Lean On Me Or Die
    Episode 9

    Abby and Lina have the unfortunate task of investigating a member of IA whom it and they believe is about to get herself into more trouble then she anticipated.

    Brody has fallen in love with Abby and goes to abbey's mom to see what motherly advise she can give on an how Brody can win Abbeys heart.

  • Memories We Fear
    Episode 8

    A crime scene photographer's unusual behavior causes Abby and Lina to investigate the unusual way the model died, while investigating the case unpleasant memories haunt Abby and causes her to remember some stories aher father told about the unpleasant and things he saw.

  • 9/18/11

    When attempts are made to save the man who collapses in front of Abby fail due to CPR and the 911 system not working causes both Abby and Lina to look into Y why 911 responses are being delayed. The Kowalski family gets a surprise win their son Donnie tells them he wants to try out for the swat team causing secrets to be revealed that may cause more tension within the family.

  • 9/4/11

    The investigation into why a female psychiatrist is being stalked by a police officer takes an interesting turn after the case shifts direction causing Abby and Lina to look for a different suspect.

    Ritchie may have made a bad decision in choosing a new partner, what he doesn't realize is that the new partner doesn't care about the law. Abby's relationship with Danny just got more exciting.


  • 8/28/11

    A stripper is murdered, but IAD is called in when it's discovered that the dancer was working at a club that caters to cops.

  • The Fifth Body
    Episode 4

    The coroner's office is missing a body, but it turns up in a popular online video.

    Abby is upset that she can't play on the heroes bowl against the fire department because the police department feels that because of opposition in the police department it wouldn't be appropriate to play on the side of the police department.

  • 8/14/11

    An ex-con accuses the Chicago Police Department of harassment, and Abby and Lina are on the case. Meanwhile, Detective Carl Scott tries to get more details on the Kowalski case by propositioning Abby.

  • A Good Cop
    Episode 2

    Abby Kowalski is a new detective in the Chicago Police Internal Affairs Department. This job is extremely difficult for her, not only because her father and 3 brothers, who are all cops, are not speaking to her because they see her new position as a betrayal to them, but because her favourite brother Richie has just recently shot and killed a teenager on the job and is now being investigated by her department. She's not allowed any involvement with her brother's case, so she takes on another one where she has to help Chief Judee Carmen in Organized Crime find a mole in her unit. Finding this mole at this point is crucial because Judee Carmen is about to take down the extremely dangerous Nigerian Crime boss Dunsimi.

  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Abby Kowalski recently joined internal affairs but there is one problem with that, her family has no idea that she joined internal affairs. Now she has to try and convince her family that she made a good decision.