Against The Wind

Seven Network (ended 1978)


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Against The Wind

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"Against the Wind" begins in country Ireland in 1798 where the Mulvane family lives. Mary, the eldest daughter, is in love with Michael Connor.

The Red Coats though from England are slowly taking over Ireland and when the Pastor's fee goes up and the Mulvane's can't pay, their cow is taken instead. Not wanting to give into the English, Mary and Michael go to steal the cow back in the middle of the night, are caught in the act and Michael is killed.

Mary is sentenced to be transported to Australia aboard a merchant ship where she first encounters Ensign Greville. Once in Australia she is assigned as a kitchen maid to Captain Wiltshire, a kindly man with a snobbish wife. This is where she meets Jonathan Garrett, also a convict.

Mary though is determined that she will return back to her family in Ireland, but it could cost her happiness.

Filmed at the Old Sydney Town, NSW and in Geelong, Victoria, this series covers Australian history from 1798 to 1812.moreless
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  • This is a history of the colonization of Australia, & how it was originally used as a penal colony. It tells the story of a group of convicts who band together to cope with life made harsher by the crooked military corp that runs New South Wales.moreless

    This mini-series, which originally aired on PBS in the 1970s, has been my favorite since I first viewed it. Those of you who've never heard of it, let alone seen it, are in for a treat. It is well written, directed, cast, acted, everything is perfect, down to the nth degree! The music is written by the actor who plays Jonathan and it is hauntingly beautiful, almost a character in itself. (If you can find the soundtrack on CD, snag it!) This series has romance, history, action & adventure, treason & betrayal, humor, even a hint of mysticism. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Try it! You'll like it!moreless