Agatha Christie's Marple

Season 1 Episode 3

4.50 from Paddington

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 26, 2004 on ITV

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  • Still good but...

    This is without a doubt my least favourite episode of the first season. Perhaps it was that I absolutely love Margaret Rutherford's "Murder She Said" from 1961. I don’t know. The fact is something seemed wrong from the start. This adaptation is actually pretty faithful to the book. Maybe it was the cast. No one really stood out. Even the very funny and talented John Hannah seemed bland. Geraldine was sweet and cute as always but the rest of the cast failed to bring Agatha Christie's magic to the screen. Amanda Holden was particularly poor as Lucy Eyelesbarrow a character with so much promise. Since in this story most of the investigation is up to her that presents a serious problem. Pam Ferris however was magnificent as Elspeth McGullicuddy. If only the others were at her level. Problem was she was only in three or four scenes.
    There are also some problems in the rhythm. I wont go as far as saying it was boring but the story could have developed a bit smoother. There's also a romantic sub-plot with Lucy which gets quite uninteresting very fast.
    The episode could have used a lot more screen time to Geraldine McEwan too. She's absent for long periods of time. Almost seems secondary. The ending sequence seems too farfetched.
    Still its not without some qualities. The mystery is good as could be expected from Agatha Christie and there's that whole British atmosphere that I for one adore.
    Still it could be so much better.