Agatha Christie's Marple

ITV (ended 2013)





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  • It's good, but the old Joan Hickson version on BBC2, beats it by far.

    This programme is good and I think it is sometimes worth watching, but in my opinion, the Joan Hickson version on BBC2 was better. It might have been in technicolour, but it was much more realistic and Geraldine McEwan, in my opinion, has a very high standard to reach and she doesn't quite give the same effect as Joan Hickson. But some people might prefer this version, because at least it does feature some good features. It has bright colours and modern photography, not to mension the long list of famous actors who appear in verious episodes. So overall, it is good and can be interesting to watch, but I don't find it as good as the BBC2 version, featuring Joan Hickson. On the other hand, they show the Joan Hickson version very rarely on BBC2 nowadays. (P.S. This review refers to BBC2 in the UK.)