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  • Unravel the puzzles of the criminal mindset and the human condition in the adventures of Agatha Christie's stalwart sleuth.

    I never can figure out what it is with detectives: does trouble follow them, or vice versa?

    Whatever it is, the great ones leave a mark on our collective memory not only because of their skills in matching fingerprints and figuring out who stands to get rich from wills, but because of their insights into what makes people tick. Geraldine McEwen is the sixth individual (in this show's overall history) to walk in the shoes of Miss Jane of literary legend, and she is a worthy addition to the class.

    My favorite episode of the new series is still "A Murder is Announced," with its tale of a killing ripped from the headlines--the headlines of a country town not used to such horrors, that is--but it's a pleasure to see the show will be with us for a good time to come.

    Make it your mystery movie of the week.