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  • Geraldine McEwan tries but can't quite redeem a series with bad writing and apalling character changes.

    When I first heard that there was going to be another Miss Marple series, I rejoiced. After looking at pictures of Geraldine McEwan, I thought that she very much looked the part. Then came the announcement about the episodes. The first four would be "The Murder at the Vicarage," "A Murder is Announced," "4:50 From Paddington," and "The Body in the Library." Four of the best novels. Great. But then came word that they would be tweaking Miss Marple's character so that she had an affair with a married man in her past. No, this can't be true, I said! Just a rumor!

    Sadly it was not. And the changes just don't work. There's even a lesbian twist in "The Body in the Library." McEwan tries her best, and I enjoyed her performance. The Marple of this series is very sprightly and energetic. McEwan's performance is fun and engaging. I give tremendous credit to this fine actrss.

    Yes, it has fantastic production values. Yes, the score is lively and upbeat. Yes, the acting is terrific all around. But the bad writing and horrible changes can't save this show from drowning.