Agatha Christie's Marple

Season 4 Episode 4

Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 15, 2011 on ITV

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  • Another bad adaptation

    Oh dear. Simply horrendous. Miss Marple is not in this book, the graft is another poor one, and the two characters whose story it is have been relegated to the sidelines. To the considerable detriment of the story.

    Unfortunately, our two heroes -- Frankie and Bobby, are strident and rather dull -- Once again, Julia MacKenzie tries her best, but the fact that most of her lines appear to have been taken from Bobby's best bits, and at various times she looks (and sounds) rather lost does not add to any feeling of coherence.

    I'm afraid this isn't materially helped by the existence of the 1980s adaptation which has its faults but is a much more accurate and cohesive story. It's shame, because they clearly have a big budget and a great deal has been spent to make the thing "look" right to the period.

    Marginally less dreadful than the subsequent Pale Horse, and it seems unfair that Julie MacKenzie has had two turkeys, not through any fault of her own.