Wow - Great new episode!!!

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    Im not sure how many were able to see, but last night had a brand new, never before seen Poirot.  It was great!!  It was an intense two hour episode - which IMO - are the way they should be.  The one hour episodes just go way too fast and aren't set up properly etc.

    I don't remember the name of the episode, but it was about a family Poirot had dealt with before. 

    It ended with a hanging which was great. 

    Poirot was looking quite old, of course 2006 and he's been doing this a while.  Unfortunately it did not have either Capt Hastings or Inspector Japp.  It did however, have him in a new apt with his butler or chauffer.  It had a couple of repeat actors and actresses though, and a twist you just had no clue about until the end - as always!!!

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    Would that episode happen to be Taken at the Flood??? You're right, David Suchet does look a lot older!!! I missed Capt. Hastings and Chief Det. Japp as well, I certainly hope that they might return, but it's reported that this series has been cancelled. They could be doing other projects now, I know Mr. Suchet is!
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