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  • British adaptation of the Agatha Christie novels with leading character Hercule Poirot handling the most intriguing cases. Set in the 1930's-40's, a great effort in adapting the novels to television.

    If there is someone I need to thank for getting me into watching detective shows and especially the wonderful Hercule Poirot, it’s my mother. Based on the novels by Agatha Christie, this British production has great adaptation from the novels and the casting makes this a great series. David Suchet, who does an excellent job, plays as Poirot. His demeanour as the eccentric at times detective is no short of brilliant and makes each episode an enjoyable experience. The supporting cast, along with the guest appearances in each episode make the series excel.
    Each episode captures the time period it is situated in (1930-40’s), a great feat for a British show produced in the early 90’s. Costumes, buildings and vehicles fit into the time periods very well that convince the viewer of authenticity of each scene.
    The plots for each episode vary from murder, theft and kidnappings. There is no case that the notorious Hercule Poirot cannot crack.
    Over the years I have viewed many episodes in random, however I have recently acquired the whole collection (seasons 1-5 & specials). This is a collection that is a must for viewers that enjoy British crime productions and of course fans of Agatha Christie novels!!