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  • Poirot seasons 10 and 11 - sorry to be so harsh in my rating, but it is because I love Poirot and feel very strongly about the direction it is taking.

    Topic: Poirot seasons 10 and 11 - the quality of music and with it the drama. I do not propose to discuss the choices made by script writers, although there is no doubt much to be said on the subject. I feel very strongly about the quality of music (or rather the lack of it) that divides seasons 10 and 11 from the previous seasons. There's been enough mentioning of big budgets and lavish settings, so there is no excuse for a 100% digital orchestra and the monotonous diatonic characterless musical accompaniment that completely spoils the latest episodes.
    How could this happen when only recently, in season 9 (2004) we still had beautiful emotional music in '5 little pigs' and 'Death on the Nile', not to mention the older episodes, such as 'Hickory Dickory Dock' or 'Murder on the Links' that are practically brought to life by the music. Even the short episodes in seasons 1-3 and 5 are full of charm and character much owed to the beautifully crafted music. I doubt that the absence of Christopher Gunning is the only reason for this - perhaps the real reason is that producers requested a digital score to be delivered with all possible speed ? Is there no production that can resist this epidemic that sweeps the entire film industry? Poirot deserves to be an exception for the sake of continuity if nothing else.